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VIDEO: NRL Footyshow Arm Break: Armwrestlers Response

It seems armwrestling gets the most attention only when something bad happens… People like to watch this type of videos for the shock value…  The video was all over the news in Australia.
I have to say I saw the video with the arm break posted on facebook but I didn’t watch it, I usually don’t watch such videos, because it is messing with my head.
If you really want to watch the video with the arm break, you will find a link to it below the video with the Armwrestlers Response (in the same article there are videos with what the parties involved, Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor, said after the unfortunate event).
I told Ryan Bowen, who made the armwrestlers video response, a suggestion: next time he should make a not so serious / happier video, even if we talk about a serious injury. People should understand that shit happens in all sports, and there are many more sports which are far more dangerous than armwrestling, where you can even lose your life, and people still do them. 🙂

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Published on Jun 11, 2015

An Armwrestlers response to the nasty break that Ben Ross Suffered when armwrestling Wendall Sailor on the Iron Arm Challenge on Channel 9.

Source: Ryan “Blue” Bowen

You can watch the video with the arm break and what the parties involved (Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor) said after the unfortunate event, here  ► Ex-Origin star Ben Ross says arm wrestling snap was the most painful injury of his life

Ryan Bowen about Ben Ross arm break │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
Ryan Bowen about Ben Ross arm break │ Capture by XSportNews from the video