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VIDEO: Scot Mendelson: I will be world champion in Armwrestling

This is a nice video interview with , the English parts are subtitled in Russian language.

Scot Mendelson talks about his match with Travis Bagent and about his big plans in armwrestling.

I wrote down the English parts of this video interview:

0:43 Scot Mendelson: ” I train with  … with and my team. “

3:21 Scot Mendelson: ” I got a car accident last year and the seat belt was around my shoulder and it ripped my [left] shoulder. So bench press is no longer an option, and I’ve pretty much done everything in bench pressing, there’s nothing else for me to do. So for me I need to evolve, to move on. And I have a pretty good right arm. I will be world champion. “

3:51 Question: ” What fighting style is preferable for you ? Top or hook ? “

3:56 Scot Mendelson: ” Whatever I have to do. “

4:35 Scot Mendelson: ” It was real and I beat him. Travis was a challenge. I didn’t give everything, I have more. You need to understand and the whole world needs to understand: nobody is gonna give me a gift. I’m gonna beat the f**k out of everybody. And this whole world, they’re gonna understand what Scot Mendelson is.

I’m a 5 time world champion weightlifter and there is gonna be no difference in armwrestling. I’m gonna come and going to kill everybody in it. And that’s it. So, for all you out there that think Travis Bagent gave me a break: that’s Travis Bagent, he is not giving anybody a break. I beat his ass square and fair, and he knows it. “

5:44 Scot Mendelson: ” I just wanna thank all you guys out there that, you know, support me. I’m there for you, without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am. But I can tell you one thing: what you are about to get, what you are about to watch from Scot Mendelson is intense and I’m going to get everybody in this sport. I will be a world champion. Thank you for everything. “

Видимо он настолько силен, что никого не боится! [Google Translate: Apparently, he is so strong that no one is afraid of!]

Source: ironrating

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Scot Mendelson I will be world champion in armwrestling │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
Scot Mendelson I will be world champion in armwrestling │ Capture by XSportNews from the video