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VIDEOS: Game of Arms – Reviews after episode 1

The first review/recap for Game of Arms is from a non-armwrestler – Ted Czech.
The second review is coming from an armwrestler – , and it contains some strong language – viewer discretion is advised. 🙂

Game of Arms episode 1 recap

Published on 25 Feb 2014

The debut episode of AMC’s new reality series on arm wrestling, Game of Arms, opens with the match between NY’s Mike Selearis and CA’s Kenny Hughes. We then go back in time, looking at the members of each team, their camaraderie, sacrifices, and training. At an abandoned repair shop in Stockton, Calif., the two 5-man teams square off. NY’s Rob Bigwood beats CA’s Allen Fisher, CA’s Tom Nelson beats NY’s Mike Ayello, CA’s Luke Kindt beats NY’s Dan Fortuna, and NY’s Kevin Nelson. in teh last match, Hughes gets off to a nice lead of 2-0 over Selearis, before Selearis comes charging back for two of his own. With the score tied going onto the final pull, Hughes appears to have Selearis nearly finished when the NY madman slips out. The ref initially scores it for Hughes, then reverses himself, calling it a legit slip. The strap comes out, and Selearis pins Hughes.

Source: Ted Czech

Published on 26 Feb 2014

Source: armtv

Ted Czech, Gary Roberts - Game of Arms reviews after episode 1
Ted Czech, Gary Roberts – Game of Arms reviews after episode 1

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