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VIDEOS: Neil Pickup about Bert Whitfield and BAF “Enter The Lions Den”

British Armwrestling Federation (BAF)
British Armwrestling Federation (BAF)

Neil Pickup – facebook:

” It funny how your approach to things changes as you get older, yesterday I Pulled the BAF “Enter The Lions Den” Professional New Year Cup of Armwrestling & was able to Win the Overall Tournament Champion Title, literally without having to get outta Second Gear. I’d actually trained my Arms, Hands & Wrists at medium intensity on Friday night BUT FAR MORE SIGNIFICANTLY I’m just about to train them AGAIN at 4pm today !!! THATS RIGHT, the Day after the event. I remember watching the late, great Bert Whitfield at an event when I was a Young Puller & he appeared to Pull in a measured manner, staying well within himself & his elastic limits, after he eventually lost, in a match it seemed as though he was capable of Winning, I asked him WHY he had held back !? & he answered “when ya get to this stage of your career you sometimes Pull to ensure that you can Pull again tomorrow & NOT JUST to Win on that particular Day !!!” I remember at the time thinkin W.T.F !!? HOW’S THAT WORK !!? you’ve lost then haven’t ya !!! yesterday for the first time, I really understood what that LEGENDARY Armwrestler had meant for the first time ! BUT that’s why he was Bert Whitfield & I am just me. Time to head into “THE FREAKSHOP” feeling NO PAIN the Day after having WON the NYC Champion of the Champions Title. THANKS MR. WHITFIELD !!! R.I.P. Sir. ”

Neil Pickup - ARM WARS
Neil Pickup – ARM WARS

Bert Whitfield – matches from Worlds 1987-88-89-90

Bernie Walker, CAN VS Bert Whitfield, USA

Source: WorldofArmwrestling

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