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World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is ready for SportAccord

SportAccord - International Federations' Union │ Image Source: SportAccord -
SportAccord – International Federations’ Union │ Image Source: SportAccord –


WAF completed and submitted the application for Full Member of SPORTACCORD.

ARMWRESTLING can join the big family of SportAccord in April 2015 when the SportAccord Congress will decide.

This affiliation will bring Armwrestling the highest international recognition and the biggest support we can get for our sport development, media coverage and governmental support.

As the umbrella of both Olympic and non-Olympic sports as well as organizer of international multi-sports events, SportAccord membership offers many benefits including:
– Recognition as the world governing body of ARMWRESTLING;
– Access to services such as Digital Media, Doping-Free Sport, Sports’ Integrity, and Sports’ Social Responsibility and the representation in international political bodies;
– The chance to participate in the SportAccord Multi-Sports Games;
– The opportunity to exchange knowledge, share common concerns and debate solutions for development of our sport and organization

WAF President and General Secretary would like to thank all National Federations for the support.

WAF General Secretary

Source: World Armwrestling Federation WAF

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