Lynn Brower

Armwrestling Old School

VIDEO: Armwrestling Old School: EPIC MOTIVATION

Armwrestling old school – EPIC MOTIVATIONS Source: theory armwrestling Click to view all articles about #“Crazy” George Iszakouits, Anatoly Skodtaev, Lynn Brower, John Brzenk, Richard Lupkes Click to view all articles about #Armwrestling Motivation

70 Year Old Armwrestler

VIDEO: 70-year-old Armwrestler, Old dudes rule

This amazing armwrestler said he turned 70 on April 5th (2014). Gary Roberts replied that he gives a man hope. 🙂 UPDATE: The name of the 70-year-old Armwrestler is Lynn Brower from SoCal. The name of the other armwrestler is Rob Chavez. (Thanks for the info to John Burgeson II) Old dudes rule Published on Apr 20, 2014 Source: armtv