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3 VIDEOS: World Armwrestling League WAL Ranking System, Global Expansion 2017

The link for the WAL rankings is posted after the videos, scroll down.

It’s a very nice ranking system, let’s only hope that WAL will include all countries at one point in the future. It would be really great to see armwrestlers like Andrey Pushkar (Ukraine), Denis Cyplenkov (Russia), Dmitry Trubin (Kazakhstan) and many other strong armwrestlers from Eastern Europe and Asia being able to compete in WAL. When armwrestlers from all over the world will be allowed to compete in WAL, the word WORLD from World Armwrestling League (WAL) will be justified.

In the 1st video Ben Murray explains the WAL Ranking System Basics.

In the 2nd video Ben Murray talks with Duan Beckett – who made the armwrestling ranking system for Australia, and now the system is also used by World Armwrestling League WAL.

In the 3rd video Steve Kaplan – the WAL President talks about about WAL plans for 2016 and 2017, about WAL rankings and global expansion: “Oceania region most likely will include Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. So it will be a global expansion, but it will still not be open to all the countries of the world. “

Steve Kaplan – 2:02 ” As the WAL continues its rapid ascent and evolves into a force in the sports marketplace so too must our league and our competition format. The new WAL ranking system for both pro and amateur competitors is our biggest and most ambitious leap forward to date. But when done will provide the foundation to future growth and opportunity.
Creating the right ranking system for our sport was not an easy undertaking as nothing of this scale has been done before. The system had to be robust enough to accommodate all of the needs of our sport its fans and the competitors plus be flexible enough to address our rapid growth in global platform. There’s a daunting task to say the least but we’ve never been an organization that shy away from a challenge so we rolled up our sleeves and went to work to deliver what will be the best ranking system around.
The system we are creating will be as user friendly and inviting for those who are experienced in the sport as it is for those that are first-timers and whether you’re a competitor or a fan you’ll find it engaging and informative.
Users will be able to check our rankings and easily sort by class, by geography to determine rankings by state, country, province or world level rankings. Users will also be able to check results from past events going back to 2014.
Rankings can also be viewed at the competitive level, where one can chart the progress in history of a competitor see head-to-head record with other competitors, checkout stats and bio competitor and much more.
Users will also be able to watch WAL live feeds from here as well. Many of these features will be available on launch while others will follow as soon as we can make them possible. Soft launch will begin this weekend in September 24th with Tony Kitowski Wisconsin state championship event in Madison. Each event thereafter is eligible for ranking points.
As we open it up on day one we will still be in the testing and development phase so please have patience and understanding as we work through the glitches that are sure to exist.
The system in one form has been active in use in Australia for several years, but this custom WAL version is brand-new and as is the case in any large roll out there will be some bumps kinks and unanswered questions along with changes to come. We have created a process to address those questions but again have patience as we implement this new system.
The plan is to test the system in live use this fall for full implementation in the 2017 season, at which time we plan to rely on it to determine some of the advancement in the championships. More on that in a minute.
It’s also important to note that our directors will play a vital role in the success of this system. And while there will be backups a key to this and any ranking system is clear and accurate match results. So directors make sure to follow the simple steps that Ben outlined for you, so that all competitors receive fair and accurate rankings.
In the next couple days that will be going through the details on the rankings including how it works and how you can let us know when you find an issue in your rankings. “
5:18 – ” Before I move on to the WAL 2017 season I want to take a quick minute to thanks to Andrew Lea, Duan Beckett, the Australian Armwrestling Federation, and of course to Ben Murray for their vision and tenacity in helping to put this system in place. “

WAL Ranking System Basics

Q&A with Duan Beckett

Steve Kaplan Address to WAL Nation 9/22/16

Source: World Armwrestling League

► WAL’s official armwrestling ranking site


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World Armwrestling League WAL Ranking System │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the videos
World Armwrestling League WAL Ranking System │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the videos