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3 VIDEOS: Devon Larratt vs. Michael Todd, Bruce Jones, Armwrestling Training / Practice

There are 3 videos and I also posted the most relevant comments from facebook, scroll down.

Josh Handeland ” If both are close to equally tired, that’s insane!!! “

Rebecca Michael Todd ” It was a great practice for Michael Todd! Michael said Matt and Devon both felt strong and it’s one of the best practice he’s ever had. I’m sure there’s videos circulating but to be there in person and watch these champions just bang away…. Freakin crazy “

Tom Nelson ” I beat him 1000s times in practice
In a event good luck “

Rebecca Michael Todd‎: ” Boys having fun. This is probably about the 200th match these boys pulled. “

Rebecca Michael Todd ” Bruce IS a beast. And yes Devon WAS pulling. BUT Devon had just pulled around 200 matches with Michael Todd. So come on guys. Give him a break.
but Let’s just say no one was fresh at that point. Bruce had also been pulling Matt Mask quite a bit. It would be interesting to see what happens if everyone was well rested. “

Chez Armbender ” Ok lets be real. If anyone actually knows Devon they would know that he pulls like this somewhere every single day. Hes crazy about armwrestling and in never ever fresh. To be honest im not sure when the last time i practiced with devon and I wasnt able to pin him? I have thousands of practice wins on Devon I have a total of ZERO wins on him in a real match. But a few dozen trys including a supermatch. “

Rebecca Michael Todd ” Chez Armbender everyone loses matches in practice. If you don’t then you aren’t training with strong enough people! “

Devon Larratt vs. Michael Todd, Bruce Jones, Armwrestling Training, Practice.

Devon Larratt vs. Michael Todd, Bruce Jones, Armwrestling Training, Practice │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video