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5 VIDEOS: ZG STRONG 2018, Dmitry Trubin wins and loses

Dmitry Trubin at ZG Strong 2018
Dmitry Trubin at ZG Strong 2018

Dmitry Trubin dominated as expected with the right hand. But Trubin lost pretty bad with the left hand.

UPDATE: I replaced the first video WITH THE RIGHT HAND OPEN (which was blocked in many countries because of copyright issues – WMG) with a new working video:
ZG STRONG 2018 ★ A B S O L U T E category || Right Hand ✓ BRILLIANT 10.000$

Manuel Battaglia vs Dmitry Trubin (World Cup ZG Strong 2018)
Markus Liebminger vs Dmitry Trubin (ZG Strong 2018)
Source: Georgian Armwrestling
ZG STRONG 2018 ★ Category +105 || Left Hand ✦ TRUBIN LOSE?

ZG STRONG 2018 // Category +105 || Right Hand ✓ Reabilitation Trubin