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VIDEO: Alexey Voevoda, Ivan Matyushenko – Armwrestling Training and Interviews │14 August 2013

Воевода, Матюшенко. Тренировка и интервью(14.08.13)


I wrote below about some interesting points of the interview:

When was asked to estimate Ivan Matyushenko’s level, Alexey Voevoda said that it is high level and that his strong point is the wrist. Alexey said he did his workout in that morning and Ivan trained a day before, therefore it is impossible to be objective. Next Alexey was asked if he watched the .

When asked about his return to armwrestling, Alexey said he didn’t actually leave armwrestling because “it’s impossible to quit, it’s like mafia. A good pulling sect… It’s like a drug.” 🙂 . But he cannot say for sure when he will return to competitions. He will talk to Igor Mazurenko maybe he will offer him some interesting matches. Alexey said that his motivation increases when he pulls good armwrestlers like Matyushenko and Murat Kariaev.

Alexey said that Ivan Matyushenko is getting ready for the  and it would be great to train with him at least for two weeks.

Alexey said that he respects  because he is a good guy, and they pulled before.

Alexey said that  is kind of a goon, he is funny. 🙂 He said that Devon always have long matches therefore he had gained good endurance, static endurance. He said that on a scale of 5,  is 5+ and Devon Larratt is 4+.

Asked about a score for  vs. Devon Larratt, Voevoda said Cyplenkov would win with 6-0 because he can’t straighten his arm in general, and if he would go “under the table” (KING’s move) he would wear out even Larratt. He said that to have a win over Denis one needs to attack the biceps in the right vector. Only John Brzenk did that, according to Alexey Voevoda.

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