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Alexey Voevoda: ” Shoulder pain. Rather, there is a crack. Nature of pain suggests that it was not just a bruise. “

Sochi 2014 Ambassador Alexey Voevoda - Volkswagen Amarok - Photo taken on 23 August 2011
Sochi 2014 Ambassador Alexey Voevoda – Volkswagen Amarok│ Photo taken on 23 August 2011 – click to see it full-size│ Photo Source: Sochi 2014 Winter Games
  •  Two weeks ago there was this article about Voevoda injuring his shoulder in a bobsled accident. Now it seems that the injury is pretty serious:

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” Alexei Voyevoda: at home the World Cup we will play the same team as the World Cup

05.02.2013 19:51:01 | Bobsleigh | Bobsleigh. World Cup 2013

Yesterday, February 4, to Russia from Switzerland with the World Cup team back in bobsleigh and skeleton.Impressions from the launch of a special correspondent for the portal TEAM RUSSIA-2014 Elena Golovenskih shared clocked Alex Voivod, who, along with the pilot Dmitry Abramovich and accelerates Stepushkinym Dmitry, Alexey Pushkarev took 11 th place in the top four.

– How to perform? – Alex asked Governor. – I believe that in the circumstances – normally.

– Explain what you mean.
– First of all, we were the third crew. We have not had the opportunity as the first two crews to choose and bob skates, because the index of the “three” of the crew also means how to select equipment. In general, the choice of waiting for the first two crews, and only then choose from what is left. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from.But when the fight is hundredths of a second, the steeper the index, the higher the chances for a good result.Second, our crew was formed just before the World Cup, which also left its mark. Although even with no experience playing together, we have proven how good and well-coordinated team. As I said, Dmitry Abramovich – a talented driver. In the Russian team after coming back from injury and long recovery, and if is still not superform, precisely – in full combat readiness to fight for the medals.

– Are you happy start overclocking?
– In general, yes. Especially in the fourth race, when we ran a 5.00. The third race drove even better than the first two of our crew. Least small victory. And it pleases! All the guys are happy. Of course, we wanted to get the money, but so far it’s hard.

– And in general is possible – if you continue to act together?
– Of course! But on the composition of the commands take the coaching staff. Similarly while I can say is that now coming home to the World Cup in Sochi we will play the same team as the World Cup.

– Another important question: how do you feel after an injury during training rides before the European Championship?
– Shoulder pain. Rather, there is a crack. Nature of pain suggests that it was not just a bruise. In the coming days always pass inspection. ”

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