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Assen Hadjitodorov – The New WAF President │WAF Elections

Assen Hadjitodorov - The New WAF President

Assen Hadjitodorov – The New WAF President │ Photo Source:


” Yesterday on the 12th September 2012 during the World Armwrestling Championships the WAF Congress took place. Assen Hadjitodorow was chosen to be the WAF President.

Assen Hadjitodorow (Bulgaria) is also the President of the EAF and the national Federation. His activity for both amateur and professional Armwrestling has been lasting for several years. We now him as a person fluently speaking English and Russian, well-organized and, what’s really important – a person of a great personal culture.

The elections that took place at the WAF Congress were rather dramatic. The secret ballot based on throwing papers into a ballot box. The head of the Scrutiny Commission was Igor Mazurenko. After counting all the votes it turned out that Assnen’s opponent – Fred Roy got 19 votes, whereas Assen 20 ones.

Leonid Harkles became the WAF Main Referee.

Willy Denemonstier became the WAF General Secretary.
A large part of Armwrestling environment connects the election of  Hadjitodorow with hope for a “new opening” in World Armwrestling Federation. There are many outstanding issue that need to be solved and many current matters to be implemented.

An important issue is the WAF budget. Many means and found are not properly accounted, some of them are unjustified or even peculiar, redundant. These are the aspects of dope control and the amount of tests that were made, buying equipment and traveling. Each of these matters will be separately presented based on proper documents. We will submit you just a few examples. The amount of 4 500 USD is given as a cost of the trip of the WAF authorities to the Championships in Kazakhstan in 2011. Whereas, as it’s proved by the documents, all these expenses were covered by the hosts. Another doubt is buying some new computers every year for extortionate prices. Buying new technical equipment which do not wear out every year.

The amount of money that “escaped” form the WAF budget every year is no less than 30 000 USD.

There more other points we should be referring to in the future based on certain documents.

The World Championships in Brazil became purely sport now. The discussions were finished. It’s time for fights and account of the sport events.

The editorial staff congratulates Assen Hadjitodorow and presents the package of expectations for the next tenure.

PeSzy ”


Votes count - WAF Elections

Vote count – WAF Elections │ Photo Source: