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Decisions on the Fight Against Doping │ by Russian Armsport Association (RAA)

Doping - Syringe │ Image Source: doping - tumblr
Doping – Syringe │ Image Source: doping – tumblr

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Given the results of the doping control Russian athletes in the 2013 European Championships and the World – PAA Bureau adopted the following disciplinary action and the financial impact of the violators in 2014:

1. Petition to the Ministry of Sports of Russia deprivation sports (honorary) title athlete convicted of doping;

2. Oblige the presidents of the regional federations bring to each member of PAA information on the possible responsibility for the acquisition, storage, transportation, anabolic steroids under Article 234 of the Criminal Code;

3. Approve the amount of the fine of 25,000 rubles for an athlete convicted of doping on the Russian or international competitions;

4. Informed of the results of doping control management of regional sports committees, schools and employers athletes found guilty of doping;

5. Instruct Filimonov AA be discussed at the Congress WAF 2014 offer from PAA to increase the term of disqualification for doping with two to four years.

Original – │ Google Translate

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