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Denis Cyplenkov and Nikolay Mishta about A1 Russian Open 2015

Denis Cyplenkov - Absolute Class winner 10000 $ - Right Hand - A1 Russian Open 2013
Denis Cyplenkov – Absolute Class winner 10000 $ – Right Hand – A1 Russian Open 2013 │Photo Source:

In the left side of the photo is  – the owner of  (the main sponsor of A1 Russian Open 2013) and also the Vice President of  
In the right side of the photo is  – The President of  and also the Vice President of the  

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Both interviews are translated using Google Translate. You have been warned. 🙂
If you want to know more info about the tournament, read this article ► INFO: A1 Russian Open 2015, 23-25 July 2015, Vladikavkaz, MAP

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” News from Denis Tsyplenkova: “I want to apologize to my fans”

On the eve of the most prestigious tournament of the year and the expected – A1 Russian Open rumors began to circulate that the performance of the main favorite and constant winner of this tournament a big question. In the web the topic discussed by many athletes, fans and the world was divided into two parts. Some say that Dennis will speak, the second – no. We are already confused. Once Denis Tsyplenkov said that perhaps he will not be there to fight. But there were many people who did not understand a specific answer. In order not to tire yourself waiting for the start of the competition to make sure in fact, we talked to Dennis. What he said to us, see below.

Iron World: Denis, hello. How are you doing, how are training?
Denis Tsyplenkov:
Hi. Basically, in any way, I am doing physical exercise 2-3 times a week. Suffer nonsense, you might say.

J. M .: On the Internet a lot of videos where you lift on the biceps of 150 kg, thereby beat all records in this exercise. Why is that, do you prepare for the A1?
D. C .:
That’s nothing to do at least beat records. He began preparing for the A1, but it so happened that a month training ended. To somehow to console myself, I decided to beat their own records. Yes, and he tried his hand simply picked up the biceps.

J. M .: That is to participate in the A1 you will not be one hundred percent?
D. C .:
And what about the A1 do not even know what to say. In general, there is no fault of mine. Let the organizers themselves comment on the situation.

J. M .: Of course, a pity that we will not see the table of this tournament. But what are your plans now, if you miss the A1?
D. C .:
I do not want to escalate the situation. I want to apologize to my fans. Let no one think that I’m afraid that’s just happened.

J. M .: Maybe, if there are some other tournaments, in which you could go? Or we will not see Dennis Tsyplenkova the competition this year?
D. C .:
I have nowhere I plan to speak this year. To be honest, I’m a little disappointed, we will wait for better times, and is a shovel in his teeth – and work. I work a lot. Now we open a fitness club, called it “100 pudov”, will train new champions.

It seems that the answer is obvious. And the most likely speaker Dennis Tsyplenkova we see this year. As Denis said, we will wait for better times. Meanwhile, we will try to contact the organizers for details learn how you prepare for such a grand event, as the international arm wrestling tournament A1 Russian Open.

Author: Nikolai Shvidchenko ”

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” A1 Russian Open 2015. Nikolai Mishta answer the most interesting questions

A1 Russian Open 2015. Nikolai Mishta answer the most interesting questions From 22 to 26 July in Russia will be one of the biggest tournaments in the world arm wrestling – A1 Russian Open 2015. This is the fourth in a row A1, which is held annually, starting its launch in 2012. Among the participants were regularly the strongest arm wrestlers of the planet. Over the past two years, this is the only tournament in which competitors were going at the same time from different continents, such as Europe, America, Africa, Asia. For example, last year in the Open category are fighting tops of world armwrestling as Denis chicken, Dave Chaffey, Andrew Pushkar, John Brzenk. Surely we can say that last year the tournament was a success. Regarding 2015, all ambiguous. Recently, we learned Tsyplenkov that Dennis will not participate in the tournament . There were many questions that we would like to see the answers. Who else but the competition organizers will be able to help us figure out how to pass in this year’s most anticipated tournament in 2015. Nikolai Mishta – on the shoulders of the man holding the A1. Nikolai is organizing and funding the competition A1 Russian Open. Who, if not him, we can ask the most of our questions.

IRON WORLD: Nick, good afternoon. Say a few words about how you prepare for the tournament. Do all goes according to plan, it turns out you realize the planned ideas?
Nikolai Mishta: Greetings. Preparation – as planned. Not every idea possible to realize, but those that succeed, enough to athletes and spectators felt that the tournament develops.

J. M .: What’s new for the audience and the participants have prepared the organizers of the tournament?
N. M .: Newbies bit. Again, we try to give a chance to women arm wrestling: absolyutka be modeled on men, but only on the right hand. The composition is good, practically all the strongest will participate. Further, the disabled prizes now up to fifth place, inclusive, which obviously will increase the excitement of the participants. And most importantly – the broadcast. See the tournament and will be able to on the Internet and on television. Free of charge, of course. In addition, all shooting almost immediately posted on the Web.

J. M .: How many people are involved in the organization of the tournament? How difficult is the process of organization, because the tournament will take place not in the usual place for him?
N. M .: People involved a little bit – a total of ten people, do everything ourselves. So reliable. As to the place, that is, Vladikavkaz, here we were lucky. All is solved quickly. I can safely call profile ministers and discuss any issue immediately. Try to do the same in Moscow – this is completely unrealistic.

J. M .: What can you say about the panel of judges, who will be a part of what will be the judges and judging on the A1? It will be strict to the details and trivia refereeing or athletes will fight ignoring insignificant mikrootryvy and congresses elbows, but everything will be fair?
N. M .: The referee A1 in 2015 – Alexei Pavlov. Basically, he and more powers, it helps everything. Refereeing is always on the A1, is the motto to fight. If mikrootryvy fouls and the like do not affect the outcome of the fight, the fight goes to the net win. But at the discretion of the judge. We will also try to get the judge had the opportunity to watch the match for taking videopovtor absolutely the right decision.

J. M .: You’re nothing at all before the tournament starts, tell, is known whether the participants? If so, how much it has changed in comparison with last year?
N. M .: The composition will be very interesting. First, people will be much more: a single Caucasus come all who can. Still to go to Moscow to pay airfare, accommodation could not everyone. Here only two hundred people come on foot. So, too, will be a lot of foreigners. In general, with the exception of just two or three people will be stronger.

J. M .: Perhaps a tricky question, but it could answer, with associated rumors that Denis Tsyplenkov may not take part in the A1? Or is it just a rumor, and Denis absolyutke traditionally perform in this tournament?
N. M .: I understand that Dennis did not really able to participate. I think two reasons: first, I have to force the crisis not fully carried out in front of him the financial obligations, which is why it is generally fairly indignant; secondly, it is not enough to fit. In the spring there was a serious knee injury, then the mass of operational issues, and so well. D.

J. M .: Are there also is not covered financial obligations to athletes?
N. M .: Yes, even before Andrey Pushkar and Eugene Prudnikov. But they go on preparing the full. Andrew fundamentally wants to repeat last year’s success, even missed the European Championships, in general, is gaining! Eugene is also not far behind.

J. M .: There remains the question about the participation of American athletes. Do you have data from overseas athletes who will arrive in Russia to compete against our athletes?
N. M .: The Americans will be the same as last year: John Brzenk, Toddzilla, Bob Brown and Dave Chaffee. Moreover, Chaffee in the year I wrote that zealously preparing specifically for the A1. He’s a real favorite on the right. Unfortunately, I had to abandon Larratt. He has a week armfayt, it was impossible to move. So he honestly told me he did not want “to serve the number” to come and just earn. It is better to prepare for the 2016 A1 properly. So it agreed with him next year.

Author: Nikolai Shvidchenko ”

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If you want to know more info about the tournament, read this article ► INFO: A1 Russian Open 2015, 23-25 July 2015, Vladikavkaz, MAP

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