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Denis Cyplenkov vs. Devon Larratt: Rumors or Reality ?

Denis Cyplenkov at ARM WARS "DEFIANCE"
Neil Pickup, Denis Cyplenkov at ARM WARS “DEFIANCE” │Photo Source: Mightypaul Maiden – Fibo pics day 1

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” In mid-April in the German city of Cologne was sports exhibition FIBO POWER 2013, which is a working visit to the planet’s most powerful armsportsmen Russian Denis chicken. During the exhibition was to be a series of armfayt-tournament bouts Arm Wars, one of which, as stated, was to attend one of the world’s strongest armsportsmenov Canadian Devon Larratt. Many fans were expecting armsportu meeting Dennis and Devon even in a friendly sparring, as well as the possible agreement between them about a serious fight. But the meeting never took place. Why, the journalists decided to find out from the very Tsyplenkova Denis.

IRON WORLD: Denis, tell me about your trip to the international sports show FIBO POWER 2013 were your impressions?
Denis Tsyplenkov: I went to the “Arnold Classic” in the U.S. two years ago, there is also an exhibition, even more likely, sports day, and it is tied Exhibition. What I see now more bigger than that there are several large halls with collections of exercise equipment, sports nutrition. All U.S. titular star, representing sports nutrition have been here, and do not necessarily fly overseas to see them. I still have only positive emotions, four days from morning to evening was at the show, Cologne and did not see it go in the working pace, but it was not boring: friendly atmosphere, athletes, a lot of beautiful people.

JM: On the show had to come to well known armsportsmen as Devon Larratt. You and he saw one? Will there ever a fight between you?

D. C.: First, I had information that the exhibition will be held armfayt, a possible member of which is Devon Larratt. Then it turns out that Devon Larratt will fight with someone on the left, and Michael Todd – with someone on the right. We could organize a friendly sparring with Larrattom and at least talk. It is also influenced by a certain percentage of what I came to Germany. In the end, it was another duck, tournament organizers Arm Wars tried to lure people known names. I’m four days away from the table did not move – with me fought all comers, a hundred people a day, a little elbow itself is not erased. Arm Wars tournament was to be held on Saturday and Sunday, going down to the organizer of the Nile pickup, I ask: “Where is the Larratt?” In response, “Well, he did not come.” As well, because a month ago Neil said that Larratta armfayt? It’s a professional bout, it can not just not come. Then it became clear that Neil Pickup has put himself far above all. That is, he knew that I was going, and decided that I still draw on their tournament Arm Wars. In the end, I came to see, perhaps, to a friendly sparring and Larratta not there. There was not already understand what happened, just in the mind thought: Neil word does not hold. I further said that the main organizer of Arm Wars: «We want you struggled with Michael Todd on the right and on the Larrattom – on the left at the end of September in Las Vegas.” I say, “I’m getting ready to A1 at the end of July, I had everything planned out for a month did not have time to prepare for armfaytu, namely those fights I would like to come in the form of the maximum.”And then he says, “Maybe next show FIBO in a year? ‘I said, this is an ideal option. But I said out loud, the agreements did not have any at all, on any matter. Realizing that this man loves everything for free, I explained to him alone that professional athletes have fees, there is a minimum charge of organizers – it’s tickets, training and the like. So I’m at his own expense to such “fights” did not agree to go. I told him all this and marked the date – FIBO-2014, that we parted. And then a few days later in the morning call. Calls Lists guy is assistant Neil Pickup and says, “We want you to be wrestled on August 17 with Michael Todd at the right hand of the tournament Arm Wars. I say that we agreed on the Nile friend, why has changed? Man answer shocked me. It turns out that we have moved to a new level armsportu.Funny level, I do not know how the language turns humans. He said: “Michael Todd puts on himself 25,000 dollars and you have to put 25,000 dollars on himself. The winner takes it all. ” I said, ‘Guys, I need to find 25,000 bucks to buy a ticket, invest in training, should come to Las Vegas, must somehow compete with Michael Todd, for some reason when cameras Arm Wars, which will be broadcast this the whole world for the money. What’s the catch, I do not understand? You make athletes run, posuetitsya to find it all. Do I have written on my forehead that I goof? “Well, then let Michael Todd collects 100,000 dollars and arrives in Moscow. I believe that if it is to be in this perspective, it should take place in a closed room, so no one knew that we had wrestled well, or close circle of friends. Will fight, one of us will earn money.

JM: What is your conversation ended? Your assessment of this proposal?

D. C.: I think it’s wrong. I said, “Guys, if you pay, I’ll go. If I’m paying – you’re flying. In short, look for other options because I do not subscribe to this. ” We talked with Neil about the end of September, and then on August 17. In Moscow, July 29 tournament finishes A1, here I was not fully recovered, and only have to go to fight in Las Vegas? This whole situation is very ugly. I’m practicing all these years, and speaking at the event, not the one going to run around and raise money to fight. Do not understand this approach. There was always a responsible organizer, who paid the fee for each athlete and defeat, and for winning, just a different amount, and the task was an athlete – prepare for a fight. I explained to them that look for money to run and I will not. Even if I have them, then the organizers Arm Wars is the wrong approach to this all.

Edition of the “Iron World” hopes that such an interesting duel between athletes like Dennis Tsyplenkov (Russia) and Devon Larratt (Canada) in the near future and will be held at the convenience and dignity for both athletes. And the organizers and the world will welcome the public armsportivnaya bright and beautiful fight.

Author: Andrei Sharkov “

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Denis Cyplenkov - Trec Nutrition - FIBO POWER 2013
Denis Cyplenkov – Trec Nutrition – FIBO POWER 2013 │ Photo Source: Denis Tsyplenkov

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