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Devon Larratt invited by Eric Roussin at GripTopz Championships │23 February 2013

Eric Roussin - Devon Larratt
Eric Roussin – Devon Larratt


How Strong Is Devon Larratt’s Grip?

Eric Roussin:

” This is what I’ll try to find out on Saturday, when I host the Canadian portion of the GripTopz Championships, a 25-item grip medley, and a HUGE armwrestling practice. I don’t know if Devon will be officially taking part in the grip contests, but if he doesn’t I’ll at least try to get him to try out some of my equipment. Anyone willing to come up to Ottawa is invited to attend! “

Eric Roussin – 212-lb Anvil Horn Lift

Published on 25 Jan 2013

Lifting an anvil by the horn. 172-lb anvil + 40 lbs in plates.

Source: Eric Roussin