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John Brzenk about grippers │VIDEO

John R Brzenk (21 Feb. 2013 in Armwrestling John – Engin):

” I gave up playing with heavy grippers many years ago after it inflammed my lower wrist. I have NEVER closed a number 3 …very close at one time without the pregrip… but never persued it. Armwrestling doesn’t require that type of strength …but it is a good device for pumping the forarm up for good blood flow. Use the cheap lights ones  🙂  “

  • In this next IronMind article from November 2006 you can see a photo of John Brzenk with a CoC #1.5 gripper – Brzenk: The Best in Boomtown


  • Video from Boomtown 2006 (one of my favorite videos with John Brzenk):

john brzenk boomtown

John Brzenk

199-242 – First Place

243+ – First Place

November 2006

USAA “Tournament of Champions”

Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship

Boomtown Casino – Reno, Nevada

Tournament Directors

Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles


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2006 Tournament of Champions at Boomtown

Boomtown 2006

john brzenk boomtown

john brzenk boomtown