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VIDEO: Alexey Voevoda – Olympic Games Sochi 2014 – Vision Gold (German)

Vision Gold – Olympische Spiele Sochi 2014 [Google Translate: Vision Gold – Olympic Games Sochi 2014]

The description translated from German language with Google Translate:

Published on February 7, 2013

Vision Gold, Olympic Magazine at N24 is, in the December issue of the city before the 2014 Winter Olympics -. Sochi 
Olympics, the city on the Black Sea is known primarily as a place of summer recreation Russian leaders. The climate in fact more reminiscent of southern Europe than in Russia: sun, palm trees and warm weather in the autumn. For the Olympics had all competition venues to be rebuilt. Vision Gold has the Olympic Park viewed directly on the sea and visited the mountain village of Krasnaya Polyana, where all ski and sled competitions are held. In addition, our reporter who accompanied the Russian bobsleigh brakeman Alexey Voevoda. He dreams of the coin in your own town.Moreover, our vision-gold reporter were guests at the ceremony, “Disabled Athlete of the Year” in Cologne. Awards went to the athlete Birgit Kober, the table tennis player Jochen Wollmert and the wheelchair basketball team of ladies.

Vision Gold - Olympische Spiele Sochi 2014
Vision Gold – Olympische Spiele Sochi 2014

Source: schmidtmediatv