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Engin Terzi’s idea on doping tests

Engin Terzi - Turkey
Engin Terzi – Turkey │ Image Source: Engin Terzi

Engin Terzi (Armwrestling John – Engin):

” anyone being able to ask any of the top 3 athletes to be tested by paying for his-her test..if that athlete tests positive then he-she pays for the test.. is that a good idea ? i mean for example i took 4. place in my class and i am asking WAF to test for example 1. place athlete who took empty card which means skipping doping test..i pay for his test..if he tests positive then he pays for his own and i get my money back.. ”

” not sure if proposal time ended or not..if not then i will send it to WAF (if people thinks that its a good idea)..none of us should escape from the test by the luck factor.. “

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