Game of Arms – AMC Armwrestling TV Show

The AMC Armwrestling TV Show first announced as “King of Arms” now has a new name: .

Allen Fisher vs. Rob Bigwood - Game of Arms - AMC Armwrestling Show │ Photo Source:
Allen Fisher vs. Rob Bigwood – Game of Arms – AMC Armwrestling Show
Photo Source:
 pulls right hand against Rob Bigwood, who is a vegan armwrestler.
” Premieres February 2014

About the Show

Game of Arms is a look inside the raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling. The series follows the members of five regional arm wrestling clubs in Erie, PA, Kansas City, KS, New York, NY, Sacramento, CA and Baton Rouge, LA as they hit the road and wager their reputation, relationships and money for the sport. Game of Arms not only focuses on the technique and skill in this high-stakes world, but also the family, careers and personal struggles of each man outside of the sport. Each episode features a dramatic regional match, leading to a tournament finale where the entire cast will compete for prize money and bragging rights.

The series hails from Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik, the Emmy Award-winning producers of Deadliest Catch, and Dan Ilani, a partner in their newly formed company, Undertow Films. ”


Source: Game of Arms ” The first Game of Arms commercial on the Walking Dead.”

Allen Fisher – facebook: ” My friend Dave DePew had a professional photographer take some awesome pictures. This is just one that I like.
Spread the news “Game Of Arms” has a facebook page. “

Game of Arms: Here is one of the professional cameras use for the shooting of the Game of Arms.

I think I heard someone say this camera is capable of shooting at 2000 ISO. Just to get it example a typical digital camera will go up to about 400. It just means this thing could practically shoot in the dark and have a highly defined video.

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