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INTERVIEW: Alexey Voevoda about Top 16, Sochi 2014, his diet and personal life

Alexey Voevoda - Sochi 2014 │ Photo Source: Yuri GOLYSHAK -
Alexey Voevoda – Sochi 2014 │ Photo Source: Yuri GOLYSHAK –

Very many interesting points in this interview.

TW Visnia: If understood well, the Top 16 has nothing to do with Don King, the legendary boxing promoter… in the next question Alexey has explained that it regards Igor Mazurenko, “Don Mazurenko”.


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 Alexey Voevoda: “We quarreled with Zubkov press”

from Sochi

In Voevoda we conquered.

Of course, the need to idealize their own characters. Echo time. Nod.

But here we do not assents and nodded. Streaming!

We imagined bobsleigh voivode completely different. He charming and thoughtful. On any topic having believed deeply exclusive. Which is quite strange for a guy with huge biceps. These biceps looked all hotel lounge in Sochi. Though strong enough people out there without Governors.


On Wednesday, he carried the Olympic torch along the waterfront “Rose Farm”. And half an hour later, breath, sat across from us.

– All went well?

– No surprises. Nobody caught fire, the flame is not extinguished. Today I ran the last, so I know exactly.

– ROC President Alexander Zhukov was amazed – many abandoned the role of standard-bearer. Someone because of the close starts, someone is afraid to startle luck. You offer?

– There was talk. If offered – I would not have refused. I can not understand why this is considered a bad omen. Someone says tougher – “damned profession.” Yes nonsense! Many great champions carried the banner – and then won an Olympic medal. But even if it really was a bad sign – I would have took the brunt with pleasure. In the military-bearer – the strongest warrior.

– So you’re not superstitious? And do not confuse a black cat?

– I’ll wait for trouble – but still go first. Athletes woven of certain information blocks and superstitions, but I’m not. Signs are those who believe in them …

– Your mother Sochi recently changed dramatically. What particularly surprised?

– Rose Farm. Slides. Now here is a real, beautiful Europe. Building such a level in our city – it’s fantastic. Many talk about the Sochi construction only negative, and I say more. Was at the Olympics in Turin. These are the memories – silent horror.

– Why?

– We went for some carpets, slush, mud knee deep, narrow Italian track … Just a nightmare. And we have a modern, wonderful promenade. Lifts the highest level heating. Today I have to get any part of the city for 7-10 minutes. Had stood for four hours in Sochi two roads were: Don and Grape. Everything!

– Anything from Sochi sorry your childhood?

– It is a pity that left the village mentality.

– It’s like, excuse me?

– We turned in the Olympic capital with all the minuses. There used to be a good town rustic style. With the same mentality. Therefore, there is nostalgia. Some go for the same feelings now in Gelendzhik. It’s quiet, calm. You sit in the restaurant – but as if at home.

– Sochi still would not be?

– Much return. Here ends the Olympics, prices subside. Today my huge Amarok seems to Sochi streets inexpensive machine.

– You – the only inhabitant of this city in the national team. What are they – from Sochi?

– Holidaymakers!

– Interesting.

– And most importantly – accurately. Pronounced resort mentality, we love to rest. At the same time we are able to work well. The present sochinets never say – “in Sochah.” Only – “in Sochi.”


– Judging by your figure, can really work from Sochi. What is – an ordinary day Governors?

– Hard workout every day. Constant self. I read books on the method of preparation. Routine is killing me – so come up with new exercises. Rereading “The Origins bogatyrstva. Secrets of athleticism.” It’s an old book, it collected the methodology for our heroes like Alexander Zass. She explained to me the main thing.

– What is it?

– Power is not built on the muscles. Bundles! And there is a bunch of exercises ligaments. Strahuesh themselves from injury. Be strong ligaments – muscles do not tear. There in the body system that blocks muscular effort on the basis of abilities ligaments. Here’s a look at my muscles.

– Already examined from all sides.

– These can lift and 300 pounds!

– No doubt.

– But they will not withstand 300 kg ligaments and bones. Therefore, developing ligament – increasing physical strength.Epic heroes have done so.

– Once you quoted Yuri Vlasov …

– I love his book “Justice of force.” And there is a wonderful phrase: “Power, as the mind is limitless.” I looked at my grandfather, who bent fingers Soviet coppers – and understood: yes, no force limit. And my grandfather was 70 years old!

– You can so?

– Even now I can not. Prior to his grandfather until it matured.

– Why?

– But the strength is not enough. My grandfather – unique. And with the mind – an ordinary man like you. These muscles, like me, did not exactly have weighed 85 kg. With the growth of 182 cm A force – phenomenal! I always look up to him, and not on modern athletes. Grandfather told me: “I never anybody did not compete. Only himself. Tried to raise more, more, more …” I also every day I beat my own records. Therefore growing.

– Yesterday beat what?

– Yesterday we had a day of rest. Broke today, good run about. I have a special exercise to thwart bean. Returned from the World Cup – immediately went to the gym and cut off his record. All during the competition a little slack – and I came back stronger.

– Once we find Yuri Vlasov him a bunch of questions. And you have to Yuri Petrovich questions?

– I’m shocked how he was not blinkered for the time. Not afraid of the weight of 200 kg. And was the first who raised him.For the rest, the figure seemed fantastic. You know that I have a lot of students in arm wrestling?

– Something heard.

– For ten years work. To get the “Honored Coach of Russia”, I did not have one student performances at the World Cup.The boy could not go, the family circumstances. And there was a world champion in juniors. So, my students are divided into two categories. Some are not afraid of no weight. Fighting with themselves. They will grow champions. And there are others – always look back, but who raised. They built themselves a barrier and achieve nothing. Here Vlasov barrier was not. True thinker.

– You were late to professional sports?

– In 20 years! Prior to doing exercise. Enjoy working with large weights. In 17 years, “did” 320 lbs. Saw a grandfather one hand lifts “Zaporozhets”. Tried to repeat.

– Got it?

– Two hands. This is nothing complicated at all. My grandfather hand was smooth, like a huge corn, even life line erased.Died at 78 years – held in all the health problems. Until the moment when it was too late to treat.


– Surprised himself by force?

– Once in school seniors dug. I do not know, I did, but I flew from five meters. That was cool.

– You, big man, ventured to drive?

– And my father was a deputy chairman of the executive committee. Under the present – Vice Mayor. Then the children of great men are constantly tested. Time was the case – the guys teased near the yard. Near the fire was burning. Brought me to state that I have subsequently been used in sports. Scandinavian warriors is called “berserk”. It turns off logic, there are only instincts. Russian soldiers also used it. Shouted, rushed into battle – and arrows flew from them. And then I grabbed the stone, which is still not get it. Throw – they barely had time to rebound. Tore off a huge tree branch and dispersed those who stood in a daze. Sam was amazed how much power is hidden!

– Today, life is not hurl stones?

– I know I was capable of anger – it lights extinguish. If there beating a woman or my relatives, all will be bad.

– It is hard to introduce yourself to a state of a warrior?

– I – easily. To be honest, I can reduce my heart to lift 60 to 170, without getting up. Easily raises and lowers blood pressure. Can control the heart. And most importantly – know how to awaken the inner fire! Light up! People familiar with the eastern culture, know that it is. All this is based on yoga. Born from the inner fire power. Each has its own “world map” – I know people who slaps his cheeks, so angry. So activated centers. And I’m a – and suddenly a blast!

– In Bobsleigh help?

– Oh, how! Bob – it’s very scary. Have to drive yourself, fall to understand. It’s like a crazy ride with a taxi driver. Have you been?

– Just in Sochi.

– This bean – the same. You do not manage the process! You broke up, jumped and did not see what was happening.Only guess what turn. If it skid – you know, that should follow him kick. And another blow after blow. Then drop.

– The most picturesque scar that gave you bobsled?

– I have two burns on his back. Show will not – but believe me, they are “scenic”.

– What is memory?

– To learn how to fall in Vancouver with Sasha Zubkov. We opened bobsleigh track. Really plummeted, bob ripped. I was in a T-shirt of burn – but still got two burn.

– Realized that will fall, five seconds before him?

– I have a great intuition – at that time I did not want to go! Something told – do not! The track was so icy that even fell Canadians who know her. Ask Pierre Luders, he too fell to accelerate. Then the track altered, became softer. And during the Olympics was just unreal. Had specifically frost is frozen to slowly rode.

– You got off easy.

– Very! Creepy story came from a Canadian – he was taken to the transplant surgery. The second day after our fall, I have red eyes. Burst capillaries, all face mottled. Here hematoma, bruise there, the patch. And then our eyes Canadian falls.We rushed to rescue. See – like standing up. So nothing happened. But suddenly settles – and falls …

– There were episodes when you overestimate their physical abilities?

– I always underestimate! Not lost the feeling that I – student. It is important to keep it. Do not feel like a teacher.


– You’ve tried a lot of professions. There were a loader. The hardest thing that raised there?

– Why not just trucks unloaded. Motors, machine tools, boxes … And now combine all professions. Professional bobsledder – and he longshoreman and mechanic. So get out a day that sleep is great for children.

– So you worked as the collector, the security guard at the disco. Gone through difficult situations?

– As a collector – no. But anything can happen in the protection. For example, flying fifteen per …

– And what to do?

– I teach. May come in handy. Surrounded you? Calculate the weakest. Beat him and run. If you feel that catching up – turn around again and hit on run. Intercept them alone. But if prepared physically and tactically, with this crowd of people much difficulty does not arise. Stand in the corner, did not let. Piled three or four – the others will not come back.

– But can pull the barrel. Or knife.

– It is now stabbing range. Just that – from “travmatiki” scorched. Before this was not. Fights were tough, but worthy.Could, however, instruct the gun battle. Intimidate.

– And you are admonished?

– It happened. But you see, I am alive and well – so no one was shooting at me. Crazy enough. I have, incidentally, was a chic partner. Height – 165 cm. Street fighter, karate. In a fight – just a beast! Sometimes asked: “Lech, let warm up.” And I watched from the sidelines as he puts tremendous fellow. And these uncle then told that their team thrashed riot …

– Long labor protection?

– Up to 23 years. I have already engaged armrestlingom after switched to bobsled. But money was tight – that’s moonlighting.

– Break the retina after you got a nasty blow to the face?

– Guys, I would be blind with this diagnosis! Thank God, I was just a small tear. Laser soldered. I think the terrible consequences of congestion, which is experiencing a pod anyone. Yes and downs are inevitable. This much our sport – you can easily cripple health.

– Of all the professions which was given especially painful?

– I worked as a waiter and bartender. Here it is – not mine. Only man can smile sincerely. Was a situation where a citizen me, the waiter was rude. And I said, in the same spirit.

– Great story.

– Normal boor any lot. Gave him a beer, he took a sip half a glass – pushed back: “What’s that? Bring more!” And went, word for word. He said: “Yes, who are you?” – “First of all people, and need to talk to me, as a person …” I got on the rampage.

– Citizen thrown from the porch?

– Nobody threw. I have a few people stopped on time. I sit on the sidelines, I think, “All or fired, or killed.” In such places, people rested uneasy.

– What’s next?

– He waves his hand – come, they say. I’m not going. You want, and you come to me. He walked over, shook my hand: “Bro, thank you, so I have not yet served. You normal kid. But this is not your place, not your profession. Change it faster …” Paid a good tip, by the way.

– The work changed?

– Immediately.

– But the bartender experience with you?

– Tequila-Boom!

– So, with all the tricks bartenders underfilling ridiculous for you?

– Yes, I can see immediately. Cheating everywhere, in all countries. I’m used to. But this is nothing compared to the tricks of the builders. No bartenders never dreamed of.

– When preparing a cocktail in the last time?

– Oh, for a long time. I am ten years not drink. And cocktail today will not do anyone. His hands poison humans. Even the wine – poison!

– For ten years – not a gram?

– Let’s take. Gave up after Turin. It turns out, not ten years and eight.

– What made?

– If an athlete looks into the biochemical processes in the body, will not drink. Understands that makes vessels with ethyl alcohol. And smoking is not, and will not touch the meat …

– God. Meat also poison?

– Of course! People studying biochemistry, tedious. But talk to them worthwhile. I strongly advise. And he do not eat meat for three and a half years.

– You can keep yourself in such a way – without meat?

– Without it even easier. This is not the most protein-rich foods. Splitting, meat gives urea and a lot of corrosive compounds. Together with pork and beef you learn the female sex hormones. Themselves start to mutate the female type.

– That this is not particularly desirable.

– In your body comes imbalance. See how many in our generation of young people with a huge ass, belly and hanging breasts. Mutation! Do you know what it was in 1815?

– What?

– Type of fat then you would be amazed. By today’s standards it’s pretty tight man. Medium type. Well, tummy. And it showed in the circus as a curiosity. Understand, I did not campaign. Myself annoyed by people who climb the barricades: “Do not eat animals! You carnivores Swarm …” Just try to abandon this long. You enjoy. Eat fish, it is better absorbed.Percentage of urea less. As poisons.


– Diets tried?

– “Kremlin”. On it you should consume 80 percent protein. Constantly eating meat. So I kept the body temperature of 37.2. Every day – intoxication!

– Horror.

– Woke up with a feeling that is about to be sick. Could not sleep, sitting on Energy. Drank 15 cups of coffee to get into working condition. Then came: something is wrong here.

– To find out what is not true?

– Yes, understood. Considered, the more protein you consume – the higher the level of testosterone in the blood. It burns fat. But lies in the fact that this diet does not raise testosterone levels. You’re going on a regular meat poisoning. After that the body is fighting. People lose weight – but consider this: at the expense of what? I read Ugolev academician, a great man in the area of ​​nutrition, gastroenterologist … We do not even know the taste of meat. Yes only sauces spices.

– The smell of hamburgers annoying?

– Tied up with meat, and a couple of years became annoying. To disgust.

– Random nothing hits?

– No. Difficult to mix. That somehow ordered vegetarian borscht. Bring. I immediately alerted the grease stains on the plate. Animal fat – slimy, dense. Vegetable – small dots, it splits easily, does not violate the digestive system. I ask: “What is boiled, then?” – “On the beef bone, of course” – “Thank you, carry away.”

– Now your diet – water, vegetables and fruits?

– Summer – yes. Winter, unfortunately, it is impossible to eat. In Sochi, quality fruits and vegetables at this time of year is not found. Is that the mandarins. There was a moment, absorbed their kilos, but it’s not. Want diversity. So now I sin, eat cheese, porridge. But anyway – no meat.

– In the team doctor or coach did not try to convince?

– Know – useless. Nobody touches me.

– And before some peppers burn themselves inside the stomach. We have studied your biography.

– Yes, it blurted out in an interview with Simon Makarov (former coach of the Russian overclocking. – Approx. “SE” ). His sick imagination. Who anything understand anything in physiology, never say, “stomach burn from within.” I just like spicy food. In Europe, the dishes are often served fresh. That food has caused at least some emotions, sprinkled pepper.Besides, this is a good antiseptic. At Sports-Men maximum physical form is always fraught with decreased immunity. It should be supported. So lean on pepper, garlic. I was raised in the Caucasus, where the kitchen motley composition – from bright to bright sharp salty.


– Boxers told us that they are suitable drunken men, called to fight. You are also often asked to fight on your hands?

– And boxers fit? That’s crazy! I also regularly hear: “Let’s fight!” In such cases, take the person’s hand, just upsetting – and he understands everything. Cools.

– In today armrestlinge good bonus?

– I recently suggested in Top -16 contract that exceeds the Olympic prize several times! But so far had to be abandoned.Sochi Olympics important. While arm wrestling tournament scheduled curious. 16 strongest fighters in the world.Organizer – Don King, the fight will be held in Las Vegas, broadcast worldwide.

– Among these 16, the place you now occupy – on their own feelings?

– I think I’m at least the fourth or fifth. Though it is strange to ask this question a man who for eight years professionally trained. In bobsled, and then load is completely different, and specificity. Here we need elasticity, softness, prolixity. In the opposite arm wrestling. Accumulating a certain angle ligaments, muscles. So if I start to exercise, bobsleigh immediately lose in speed and strength.

– If you have moved away from arm wrestling, why stay in such high esteem? Don King himself invites you.

– I’m not inviting Don King, and “don” Mazurenko, one of the main promoters of armwrestling. He heads the company Armwrestling Promotion , where I vice president. Name as me because I still represent real competition guys defeated world champions, including the legendary John Brzenk. And in his career even one defeat!

– From you?

– Yes. I won and left.

– He’s still playing?

– Not anymore. I waited a long time, wanted revenge, but I’m still in the bobsled. Brzenk great respect. When I started to play arm wrestling, he was an example for me. Smart, strong, technically. He has non-standard method of preparation.Basically, all “shablonniki” to the bone. But “shablonnik” may again become world champion. His technique will copy will understand how to deal with it, and start to win. And such as John, are able to change the style, conditions of the struggle, each match build differently.

– Due to what you have won it? Took cunning?

– No power. Put a gorilla with any fighter – it will break it. Art zero, but a giant physical strength.

– And you were in such a state at the moment?

– No, I’m not a gorilla. But I always knew that in professional sports strength and speed – the most important thing. These qualities and tried to develop maximum. For example, I hold the record weight – 237 kg. American TV crew that filmed all were shocked.

– How did you do it?

– There Front Leg Press. First there hands benched 440 kg. Then he put his hand on the bar weighing 237 kg. Released, I held her, rocked up and threw it away. And tightened 15 times on the one hand, the other holding a 32-pound weight. At that time I worked for five or six hours. Rocked, did not get out of the gym. In sparring we had a circular system. Each struggled to first defeat. When the hand is swollen from fatigue and you lose – gives way to the next. Already he fights until he can overcome anyone. And so on.

– What Brzenk is engaged in a peaceful life?

– A mechanic at an aircraft factory. Makes motors. His hobbies – snowmobiles. Collects himself and hand rolls. In armwrestling motley crowd – there’s an artist, psychologist, chess director of the bank …

– How does an artist to paint after such loads?

– And what? Normally. Even I draw well. And oil and pencil. I’m in school won the Olympics in geometry, it was one of my favorite subjects.

– Gave someone my own pictures?

– No. And no show. A painting can make an analysis of the psyche of the author. His inner world. And he – only mine. I closed it and threw away the key.

– You do not look like a closed person.

– Wait a second. I talk a lot. But the fate of the internal aspects were not disclosed. I, for example, wrote poems. But I will not read and do not ask.

– How so?

– Poems also reveal a person. And I want to remain a mystery. About me and so know too much. This is used in social networks. I’ve got a million fakes. Write nonsense on my behalf. Then meet people in all seriousness hear reproaches.Say – you do have my phone number. Call. Ask: “Lech, we here you wrote. Or do not answer, or talking about a blizzard …”

– Someone really quarreled?

– Seems not. Although, maybe, people blown onto me – and I know and do not know. But if you say, “Lech, why are you in the” Classmates “hurt me?” – Explain – I was not there. As in other social networks.


– About Pierre Luders, when he was still himself chasing, you said, “Buck, sometimes not even say hello.” Now a Canadian – head coach of Russia. Thawed?

– “Buck” – I did not say this. Someone attributed to be witty. Me and Sanya Zubkov Lueders always said hello. It just an emotional person, sometimes loudly swearing. Generally any athlete must be a little crazy. Especially in the bobsled.Remember, Vysotsky – “Real violent enough”? In Bobsleigh without it anywhere. Otherwise, the result will be. Pierre – just one of those violent. But now become quieter. Wears glasses.

– As interpreted his appointment?

– Doubts were something to hide. I’m still in a wonderful relationship with Oleg Sokolov (Luders predecessor. – Note “SE”). With us worked Russian coach who would not let anyone on the road, was a halo around her secrets. And suddenly two years before the Olympics arrive Canadian … Well, his task is to prepare the team so that it is without all the secrets, sorry, sunken. This Lueders and deals. It is important that all he quickly found a common language. At meetings somehow makes that all listen and fear. Previously, the team rarely someone listened.

– Now on the discipline level?

– Of course! Perhaps it can be called tyranny, but with someone to behave this way. If I say that with all totally agree, I’ll hype. But my thoughts on this subject will keep to myself. Most importantly – he was able to reconcile us. And combine.

– Before the Olympics you had a difficult period. At what point have realized that in Sochi will be the first crew to act?

– I’m just doing my job. Average clocked Kasyanov. Pierre saw it. And we came in the World Cup medal hunger. And he decided to join us with Zubkov. Although it did not work would be if it were not for our mutual desire to play with Sasha together.

– Straight Talk with Zubkov you been?

– Seli foursome – Sasha and I, Luders and translator. Pierre began the conversation. We had a good talk and reconciled.At any problem there a statute of limitations. He has already expired. The year was aggressive, but the two had already passed. You can forget all the old. In addition, in many respects we quarreled press. Your colleagues artificially inflated conflict chased sensations.

– But the former friendship with Zubkov did not?

– Why? Friendship – too surround the word. Everyone perceives it differently. Someone twice greeted with a man and I’m sure, “I found another class!” And for someone friendship – something more personal and profound. We Sasha good companionship. Unable to win medals without general ideas and energy directed at the result. If we pout at each other – it’s not a command.

– And you have a full sense of the team today?

– Yes. And with the guys, and Sasha Zubkov.

– This is your third Olympics. In Turin and Vancouver were bright meeting?

– In Turin met Dima Gubernieva. Clockwork chuvachok really able to fire people interested in the sport. And in Vancouver, I was not late.

– Why?

– Conditions were – just hard! We lived in appalling houses with cardboard walls. However, it is not only this. In half a day before the start of deuces unexpectedly turned out that all of our horses do not label. I had to go on a training kit Abramovich. Not Roman Abramovich – he certainly set something would plague – and Dima Abramovich, the second pilot.And, unfortunately, the training set is not usually rides. We sadly konechki polished, and I knew that hope only the start.To even start to beat opponents.

– Got it!

– It’s a small miracle. I was so happy this bronze, on the wings of luck immediately flew home. Everything that happened on the Olympics, did not care.

– Sochi – last start in your career?

– That’s right. In Pyeongchang selected not want and will not. Tired. Bob – it is such a routine! Here we have two races per day. Before each bean should sell, deploy, sheathed. Warm up, change clothes. Pull it out on the track. Assemble, run, drive. From there, pick up the bean, unload, turn. To change. Then again, to stretch, to start, pull back bob. Undress again, do check. After that raise bean take to the garage … You are not tired of hearing?

– No. Very entertaining.

– And I’m tired of doing this! I’m not telling you, we are constantly testing skates, axes and all the rest …

– It pretends than going to do after the Games?

– Yes, I’m fine! There is a business.

– Probably the building. Judging by how cleverly deduce builders to clean water.

– You’re right. There are including construction.

– Today, your family – it’s …

– Only father. Mom died in 2011.

– Are you married?

– She is. We are not itemized.

– And the children?

– Not yet. Will do after the Olympics!

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