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INTERVIEW: Michael Todd │ by Nino Salvatore Fernandez, December 2013

Michael Todd │ Photo Source: Dirk Ellis (edited by
Michael Todd │ Photo Source: Dirk Ellis (edited by
Many thanks to Nino Salvatore Fernandez for this interview with Michael Todd.
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-1. How much time do you spend training and how did you get to know this sport and be interested in it?

I train 5 days a week in the gym & once every couple weeks on the table. I always armwrestled growing up & entered my first tournament my senior year in high school.

-2. What armwresther do you admire most and why?

John Brzenk, b/c his ability to stay on top for so many years.

-3. What are your expectations in this sport?

To get more mainstream coverage & be treated like the athletes that we are.

-4. What other sport do you practice?

I was I. Martial Arts for 7 years in my youth.

-5. What advice would you give to the young boys and girls who start with this sport?

Armwrestle any & everyone you meet. Nobody has the same hand & nobody pulls the same.

-6. Apart from this sport… what other objectives do you have for your future?

To fulfill my potential in every aspect of my life & live each day to the fullest.

-7. What armwrestling tecnique do you think is the best?

The one that wins. You can’t be one dimensional in this sport.

-8. What has been your worst dissapointment in this sport?

No becoming an Olympic sport.

This is just a fragment, read the full interview on:


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