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Sarah Bäckman
Sarah Bäckman │ Photo Source: Sarah Bäckman
Sarah Bäckman’s post on facebook (8 April 2013):

” Good morning!
I’ll share some news, thoughts and opinions from myself right now.

I’m sad and hating the Swedish system and federation… Turned out I’m gonna miss the most important championships of the year this year, 2013. European- and World Armwrestling Championships. I missed the Swedish Nationals, where you have to win or place 2nd to qualify for the team to represent the country. The reason I missed it was because I did an ARMWRESTLING-TV-job in Japan. With other words, making the sport GROW worldwide.

That I won double golds at European- and World Championships 2012, only 5 months ago, undefeated – which no swede never has done before – doesn’t count. No one cares. At least not my own country. I knew the swedish system but that doesn’t make me think different. Swedish system and armwrestling federation SUCKS.

I think my double-world-golds 5 months (2012) ago should make me qualified for this year’s championships (2013). As I know, ANY OTHER sport has this system and as well countries.
This should not only be for ME, but for everyone that is winning a world title the year before in ANY SPORT!

This just shows Sweden don’t care about results in an international level of sports in armwrestling. And why would they, no one is getting paid anyway. But still… it makes me sick to my stomach and will for sure affect my motivation to continue doing this.

I believe EVERYTHING is happening for a reason and maybe this is what is suppose to happen for me this year. Something else will show up. Maybe I should start doing something else. Or it’s just God’s will to tell me to take a break… or something. I don’t know.
I’m still having super matches and professional armwrestling tournaments to show up to if my motivation will be what it has to be – to do ANYTHING you have to do to your fullest and more than that, with all your heart & soul twenty-four hours a day for a very long time. That’s what you need to offer from yourself to achieve big things. Just saying..

Never stop to do what you’re loving to do. Make yourself happy. Dream big.
Let’s go to gym.. Have a great day everyone.

God Bless & thanks for support! ”

Source: Sarah Bäckman’s post on facebook (8 April 2013)


” The Swedish Armwrestling Federation would like to clarify a few points regarding the discussion over the last few days concerning Sarah Bäckman not representing Sweden in the European Championships this year.

Sarah is an amazing arm wrestler and fascinating personality. We are proud and glad that Sarah is swedish, that she has grown and developed from a promising 14-year old starting out in arm wrestling to the super star she has become through her hard work and determination. Every year our national federations congress discuss how to appoint those who represent us internationally, and every year an overwhelming majority of the Swedish arm wrestling community vote that the right to represent Sweden is won at the table at the nationals. This year Sarah chose to forfeit that battle, and did not appear at the nationals, well aware of the rules agreed upon by the swedish arm wrestling community. 230 other arm wrestlers spend time and money to fight for the honour to wear our colours internationally. Among them those who will be representing us in the ladies -70 category. The Swedish federation will not disrespect those who have according to long standing, democratically decided rules, earned that right. When registering our team for the Europeans there was an opening in the -80 kilo category, that was offered to Sarah Bäckman. She has declined that offer, and consequently has no position on the Swedish national team this year. We can and will do no more.

Anders Axklo


Swedish Armwrestling Federation “

Source: Armpower.NET

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2 thoughts on “THE SWEDISH ARMWRESTLING FEDERATION response to Sarah Bäckman”

  1. I have to say that the same rules apply here in the USA regarding qualification requirements for the World Championship. In my opinion, if I were to make the decision to attend another event other than the event that specifically qualifies me for the World Championships, I would not expect special treatment if I wanted to compete at Worlds. The rules should apply to everyone the same – no biasness or discrimination! I also agree that those individuals that did compete at Nationals made a decision to do so, in hopes that they would qualify for Worlds. How do you think they would feel if they were told that they were bump by an International and World Class winner who wasn't even present at Nationals? If that happened to me, I'd be livid! I would say that everyone has a choice, and Sara, you made the choice not to attend the Swedish Nationals, therefore, in being consistant with the rules setforth by the Armwrestling Federation in your country, my country and others country's you did forfeit your position to compete at Worlds. Sincerely, Margie Ciaccio.

    1. Margie I could not have stated this better myself. I would also like to add one more thing to that, That is the fact that when I qualified second in the nationals and was unable to go to Poland at the time due to the birth of my second son it was offered to the third place finisher instead of offering it to some one that missed the nationals that might have been a better armwrestler. That is the way it should be as well.

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