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Engin Terzi vs. Janis Amolins │October 2013

Engin Terzi - Janis Amolins
Engin TerziJanis Amolins
UPDATE – Engin Terzi (09 September 2013):

” i can not even close my right arm after the WAF..the interesting thing was that i didnt feel big injury when my matches were over but once it got cold i realised the damage..i couldnt pull the final match if i would have been in the finals..Janis would win anyways, but i didnt feel bad in this competetion even though on the result it looks bad..with 1 more win i would be medalist both in right & left but ended up 13. and 10. :)) i liked the event !!! “

This image was made by using two original photos (click on the names to go and see each original photo):     1. Engin Terzi (“2001 WAF at 154”, unknown photographer)│ 2. Janis Amolins (photo by Mark Kazus).

After 35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013 │ Gdynia, Poland (01 – 08 September 2013) it will be decided, if both Janis Amolins and Engin Terzi are healthy, the Supermatch will take place in Balıkesir – Turkey in mid October. The Supermatch will be best of 3 all strap match, 75kg, 1.000 $ is the bet.
Mete Han i am looking for 20 people who are ready to bet 50 dollars each,on Janis against Engin best of 3 supermatch under 75kg.i also put 1.000 dollars on Engin and buy plane ticket of Janis
winner takes all. you all transfer the money to Janis. The date is october 2013.

Engin Terzi i can not pull any supermatch with this neck and elbow right priorities are Europeans and Worlds,but if i survive these 2 events without injuries then i would pull him at mid october under 75kg best of 3 only strap transfer the money to Janis and Metehan buys his ticket..

John R Brzenk I’ve got 50 burning a hole in my pocket to bet on you Engin !!

Engin Terzi John,your chance of winning this bet is less than your chance of beating Denis “this verily day”..but hey the life is full of surprises.. :))

John R Brzenk Well if your chances are that good make it 100 ! I can use that easy money I made off of Neil 🙂

Engin Terzi Janis has won 3 out of last 4 WAFs and you saw him against Devon (even though he was tired)…looks like you just want to encourage me John..i would not be afraid to pull anyone who weighs same as me as long as my elbow is not killing saw i could not even break the balls when we played elbow is unpredictable, today is feeling OK but tomorrow is full of pain..if Janis agrees then i would pull him in october but i can promise of pulling right after WAF depending on how elbow will feel..

Janis Amolins What are conditions? I would prefer normal supermach with international referees.

Engin Terzi so best of 3 all strap match,75kg, 1.000 is the bet, in Balıkesir Turkey..mid october.. but september 10. is the date to finalise it if both pullers elbows are healthy after WAF..i am in.

John R Brzenk No … I would still bet on YOU.

Engin Terzi we have Europeans in may, national qualification for waf in end of june, month of Ramadan from july to august..then waf in september..

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Engin Terzi I know i will be the underdog but i wanna see how much..Amolins vs Terzi best of 3 only strap match under 75kg in mid october..
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Engin Terzi vs Janis Amolins

Source: Hüseyin Salih Semiz