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Engin Terzi and Devon Larratt about doping tests in armwrestling │25 July 2013

Engin Terzi - Turkey
Engin Terzi – Turkey │ Image Source: Engin Terzi

I post here the most relevant comments from an interesting discussion between Engin Terzi and Devon Larratt from Armwestling John – Engin. I do this also because on facebook it becomes almost impossible to find an older topic, search function doesn’t work. Click on the red names to see the original location of the comment.

Engin Terzi: i have a question for anyone who can answer.. Wagner vs Devon match..will that be tested ? also will the future matches of Devon be tested ? thanks in advance..

its up to the pullers to require a tested match,as Devon did to pull for 50.000 dollars that he is backed by the organisor guy..btw i am not suprised that people didnt pull him by betting their own 50 grands while he is backed by someone else’ money..i personally would like to see if the rest of his career will be with the tested events..

Devon has told me that testing is good for the sport and time has changed when i asked him why he didnt require to pull tested events before.. he said he required but didnt why not pull again if you pulled before while required test but was rejected ? he was curious if i was promoting none tested events :))) he asked this to someone who has been tested more than any other armwrestler in the history of was funny though.. what i dont buy is this test requirement being because of the sport..if its because of the good of our sport then from now on he should never pull untested events again..if not then it was not for the good of the sport,and i dont blame him for not being confident to pull Travis today..

btw when there is a bet of 50.000 dollars,the match should happen in somewhere that both sides chooses also with the refs that are agreed on.if the organisor is backing Devon with 50.000 dollars then how the hell the opponent is going to trust the fairness of the event ? i mean its about 50 thousand dollars..since the Over the Top has there been any amount for any winner ? so its just creating an impossible and being proud of the result which is no opponent.JMO

the cost is not a big deal (300 for each) when its about 50 grand

testing is a good thing but lets be honest that this one has nothing to do with the good of our same place Michael and Travis pull with NO testing. the organisor wants no risque for his money.then he should back Travis and he should be safe without needing a test :))

Devon Larratt: Heya Engin Terzi i would just correct you on our discussion – I said i had asked for events to be tested in the past, it was not a requirement. I also asked if you support enhanced athletes in non tested competition. it had nothing to do with you, it only had to do with your opinion. it comes through on many occasions, perhaps i am just imagining.

The testing clause was put in this event due to the high amount of money wagered

It will not necessarily be a requirement @ every event, but i would like it to be. it just may not be possible. i hope it is.

Many people talk about things with out knowing the facts, talking like they do have facts. Fact is Wagner and I is not a confirmed match.

If someone accepts the 50000 $ wager there will be lawyers and it will be fair.

Gabriela Vasconcelos: Not really getting into the discussion, but just wanted to say that Wagner just got tested in our nationals last month. As far as I know, he came clean.

Engin Terzi: no Devon, we were talking about this test requirement and i asked you “why you never mentioned before?” which meant why did you not do this test requirement answered “i mentioned before”.so i think you need correction here.

why would i support none tested armwrestling while myself choose to compete tested events ?! what i mean it did not make sense to ask such question to me.

Devon, you now say it will not be a requirement of every event while you wrote to me that “time has changed” and also “Sports is not war.. it should be ethical, and on a level playing field for all levels. Steroids etc. is cheating the sport, competitors, dangerous for sponsors etc..” but now you write here it was because of the money bet being high..

so your every next untested event will be unethical according to your words to me.

btw,IMO just because it is not a tested event i would not call it unethical..all i say is that the way you sounded to me by PM (test is good, time has changed, it should be ethical etc) had nothing to do with this test requirement for the 50 grand match..

Devon Larratt: Engin, i am tryin to do a good thing. It disappoints me that you seem to focus on the negative side of this for whatever reason. It makes no sense to me. I eventually will write a longer post on my position,so it clearly understood, but not today, i have a busy weekend ahead of me. very broadly- bringing testing into the top proffesional level of sport is a good thing. It is not perfect, but it does make changes, these changes will be good for the sport.

Engin Terzi: doping test requirement is a good thing, as long as its not changing from the event to event..when you say “doping test is a good thing, in the past i did not pull with test but time has changed” but if you pull your next event without test then this is not about looking the subject from negative side Devon..the doping requirement was only because the money bet being so high as you mentioned..that is my only point..what i disagree is you to involve test requirement with the good of the sport, which is a really good thing but wasnt the purpose..

Christian Binnie: Engin, It’s up to the event Promoter to want a match or matches to be tested, an if a Puller wants to compete in a tested or non tested event, it’s up to him…I too, would do either.

Engin Terzi: so it was not about the good of the sport as Devon claimed then.because same promoter has Travis vs M.Todd match with no doping test.

the subject is becoming unnecessarily difficult..there is a doping test requirement ONLY because the promoter feels that its safer for his money..end of it. no need to involve test being good for the sport etc because if this is the case then let Devon continue the same way to serve for the good of the sport and reject all none tested offers..if he is not going to do this then lets not mention things like “time has changed, sport needs to be ethical” etc stuff. its as simple as i write..

Devon Larratt: Engin I understand you think i am a bad guy.. it is ok. Here is the deal that i have always been looking for. to pull in tested events AND make money. I am not from turkey, so worlds is not an option. Pro sports is widely viewed by the real world as a joke – filled with nothing more than cheaters. All of us start off down the road of sport because we enjoy, and get health benifits. How discouraging is it to look at the end state- (top pro level) of a sport and see nothing but obviously enhanced athletes. To me as an beginner this would be anything but encouraging, and it would not be in line with world beliefs about health, beauty, fitness, and all that sports represents.

It is not ONLY Engin, like i said i have been asking a long time. There just has not been option to really make it happen till now.

Engin Terzi: i did not say that you are a bad guy Devon..all i say is that lets call the things as how they are.

Devon Larratt: right, and you assume all bad

Engin Terzi: i agree with everything you wrote..and for me to believe that you meant what you wrote, is up to you to continue pulling only tested events from now on.

Devon Larratt: That may or may not be a reality. I hope it is. I hope promoters buy in. we will see. I will continue to fight for it.

Engin Terzi: from now on i,like the others including the beginners that you mentioned, will be waiting you to back your words and be a great example.

Devon Larratt: It is not only me.. I need help. A tested league, needs to be started.

Engin Terzi: if you really fight for it then there is no promoter that would reject the requirement of Devon Larratt (which costs 600 dollars).but again, if you really fight,not by words.

but if you continue pulling the none tested events while writing all those words then trust me that there are many people that writes similar things but still pull none tested there will be no difference.

Devon Larratt: fair enough

have a good weekend, i will be in discussions with the NAL about this subject for the next few days.

Engin Terzi: i wish you the best Devon!

Devon Larratt - 01 July 2013 │ Photo Source: Jerry Milne
Devon Larratt – 01 July 2013 │ Photo Source: Jerry Milne

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