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Superhuman: Super Strong (2008) │TV DOCUMENTARY

A documentary featuring Travis Bagent, Devon Larratt, Benedikt Magnússon and others:

Jackson Booth-Millard’s review │ Superhuman: Super Strong │

“After seeing world’s tallest and smallest people, and geniuses (mostly young), I was interested in seeing one about people with unusually high physical strength. Basically this documentary, narrated by Sam Hazeldine, takes a look into the lives of some extraordinary individuals and what they go through to achieve their amazing raw power. We see Welsh bodybuilder Flex Lewis who sticks to a diet of five fish a day and constantly develops his bulging muscles. The life of Ukrainian circus strongman Uri Akulova is explored, as he has trains his teenage daughter Varya to become a record breaking power lifter, as well as three year old sister Barbi lifting weights, oh and wife Larisa. Also, Ed Byrne (no, not the comedian), with his alter ego the “Thug”, is a black belt king of karate who can smash his hand through nine solid concrete plates. Then we see the world’s strongest couple, British Gemma Taylor and Icelandic husband Benedikt Magnusson as they await the birth of their baby boy, and wonder if he will be a strong baby. Finally, champion arm wrestler Travis ‘The Beast’ Bagent from West Virginia, USA, is seen as he attempts to beat his opponents, mainly in Manchester against Canadian champion Devon Larratt. Good!”

Source: Jackson Booth-Millard’s review │ Superhuman: Super Strong │

Superhuman Superstrong part 1/5

Superhuman Superstrong part 2/5

Superhuman Superstrong part 3/5

Superhuman Superstrong part 4/5

Superhuman Superstrong part 5/5

Travis Bagent - Superhuman Super Strong - DOCUMENTARY

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