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VIDEO: IRON SIDE Documentary: Aymeric Pradines VS Jozsef Lovei (Teaser)

IRON SIDE Documentary Teaser Aymeric Pradines VS Jozsef Lovei
IRON SIDE Documentary Teaser Aymeric Pradines VS Jozsef Lovei

The video teaser is posted below this project presentation, scroll down.

I met Victor-Alexis Ferrand at  where he came to make a documentary about armwrestling. And he really made a very nice documentary with English subtitles ► VIDEO: Glorious Armwrestler Movie: X-MEN ARMWRESTLING ITALY 2014

Victor is a very nice guy, reliable and dedicated to his work. I really believe he deserves some help to make a new documentary about armwrestling, and you can help by making a small donation here: ► IRON SIDE, du bras de fer au documentaire

” Presentation of the author and the documentary project IRON SIDE:
I am Victor-Alexis Ferrand, author-director of independent films. It’s been a good ten years since I realized independent films with professional equipment and all the seriousness that it implies. In the armwrestling field I made GLORIOUS ARMWRESTLER in collaboration with the X-Men and the Italian federation. IRON SIDE is a complete adventure. When I believe in the strength of a project, I make it when I feel it’s time to do it. I know this year 2017 is good for IRON SIDE, and I hope that these few words will seduce you.

It is a double-portrait that visits the personalities of two armwrestlers : Aymeric Pradines and Jozsef Lovei. The film will draw portraits of these two charismatic characters and will offer a big fight. This is a documentary, but it is also cinema, where the style has to be worked, pushed so as to serve the background of the project. The different levels of the adventure must show “men-atoms” destined to attract and clash. I will play with these atoms, staying with them in their world, and taking pleasure in discovering their life, their passion, their training, and what they expect most: their fight. This fight promises to be very hard.

You dream of an explosive mix of physical power and humanity? You want to hear the echoes of the muscular contractions of the armwrestlers? Want to see the fire in the eyes of these men? This project is for you.

The film has no commercial purpose, I realize it as a passionate and it will be finally visible for free on YouTube, for the pleasure of all. It is an altruistic work!

No money lost, everything is invested for intelligent purposes. You contribute to the advancement of a creative and constructive approach that serves both the sporting cause and the cause of the creative documentary. And there will be a professional translation in English for subtitles!

Victor-Alexis Ferrand



IRON SIDE (Teaser) Aymeric Pradines VS Jozsef Lovei

Source: Incitatus Force