VIDEO: Engin Terzi helps Armwrestling grow in Turkey

Engin Terzi - Armwrestling Trainer of Trainers, Coach │ Photo Source:  Bilek Güreşi [edited by XSportNews]
Engin Terzi – Armwrestling Trainer of Trainers, Coach │ Photo Source: Bilek Güreşi [edited by XSportNews]

Engin Terzi ► Armwrestling John – Engin (06 January 2014):

In Turkey we just had a boys only junior competition. Near 700 junior athletes have competed. Pro armwrestling serves only to organizers and elite pullers. Sport Accord recognition will be the greatest step ever in our sport.

Once we will be recognized by the IOC (sport accord) in April 2015, we will be much stronger even though we will not be in the Olympic games (yet).

According to the official organizer near 15.000 juniors competed the qualifications to be qualified the finals that had 700 competitors.

I am the person who is training the trainers of the clubs that are competing from all over the nation. Just came from a training course where i taught the trainers who became 2. level trainer. These events are organised by the Federation in Turkey but financed by Education Company that has representatives all over the nation. They don’t make single coin by organizing these events, actually they spent money. They only care to keep the children away from bad habits and raise healthy and strong generations mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s name is ASFA EGITIM KURUMLARI. They are finding the junior pullers from all over the nation by searching the schools and teaching them what i teach them.

From the last event i realise that there are tons of potentials out there and they are just there to be discovered.

2015 Türkiye Genç Erkekler Bilek Güreşi Programı
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Source: asfaferdakoleji

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