VIDEO: Supermatches in Turkey 31.03.2013

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Supermatch Turkey 31.03.2013

Published on 1 Apr 2013

Record of Broadcasted Supermatches in Turkey

First Match: Carolina Pettersson vs Victoria Ilyushina

Second Match: Sarah Backman vs Egle Vaitkute

Third Match: Krasimir Kostadinov vs John Brzenk – Captured Live on Ustream at…

Source: Deadpool3001

Engin Terzi: ” thanks to John R Brzenk, Egle Vaitkute, Sarah BäckmanKrasimir Kostadinov, Victoria Illushina and Carolina Pettersson for participating OPEL Supermatch Day.. it was a pleasure to host you ladies and gentlemen! “

Krasimir Kostadinov: ” It was pleasure for us too !!! “

John R Brzenk: ” Finally home … Just landed ! Thanks for the great time Engin. I enjoyed my stay there ! “

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