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VIDEO: Turkey’s president rules out ban on Facebook and YouTube

Today in my country (which is not Turkey 🙂 ) the main news on the radio was this one: Turkey’s Prime Minister Wants To Ban Facebook And YouTube.
Considering that  is from Turkey, and many other good armwrestlers are from Turkey, you can understand how this is very close related to armwrestling.
UPDATE: Engin Terzi ► Armwrestling John – Engin:

” that is bull shit..just ignore the false propaganda please.. people who does such false claims are the ones who are against the democracy and hoping none democratic solutions by sharing these kind of false informations..

Sknx, what Erdoğan talks about has nothing to do with banning.there is a so called religious group that try to control the country.their leader lives in pensilvania.they want to create state wihtin state by their judges, attorneys and policemen. they illegaly listened the phone talks of President, prime minister , army and everyone else..they listened tens of thousands of people illegaly for about 10 years.they create montaged records to manipulate the elections.they threat everyone who dont serve them.they even recorded videos of people’s private life (for ex. politicians’ wife taking shower etc). these group is supported by İsrael = US neocons who doesnt like our prime minister.they played the similar games in the countries that they are not happy our president,government and army together took a desicion to destroy this west puppet group.west wants to make the leader of this group as the head of the İslamic World.the followers of this group are like drugged blind people who believe that this man is sent by god and the control of Turkey is given to this man by god. very sick religious group that co-operates with foreign powers but their end is near.

you be careful as they are now getting strong in Azerbaijan as well but we already informed Azerbaijan authorities.they have schools in all over the world with secret agents of a country who are working as english teachers there.

yes Turkish schools which taught to be a good thing at the beginning.

this is one of the articles that were written by one of the writers of that religious group.


do you know what “takiye” means ? takiye is kind of being a hypocrite till reaching your this group takiye is the way to reach their goals. President better be careful because not till long ago this group was also kissing Erdogan’s ass as they now kissing your president’s ass

for example they created a monatged voice record where Erdogan says he has 1 billion dollars and he tells his son to take that money away from home.and there is the date ,location and time of the voice record.but Erdogan thanks god , was in another city at that time and he was on live tv broadcast..on the so called voice record he says to his son “they listen our phones” :)) so he says his phones are listened but he says he wants his son to take his 1 billion dollars if that was true then why didnt people who listened this conversation stopped the vehicles who took the money away from the home ? because it was the attorneys and policemen who did all these listenning things..btw 1 billion dollars cash money is over 10 ton 🙂 sound studios approved that the voice record was montaged by many different conversations.when you listened someone for about 10 years you can make him say what ever you want him to say by the montage. “

Turkey’s president rules out ban on Facebook and YouTube

Source: euronews (in English)

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