VIDEOS: Denis Cyplenkov 2 x 150 kg

This is what Denis commented about his video posted in his fan group (this was a response to the video with Kirill Sarychev – you can watch it below Cyplekov’s video):

Denis Tsyplenkov: ” Я готов на любой батл!) только с одинаковыми правилами!) но я за полное движение с фиксацией у подбородка!) ”

Google Translate: ” I am ready for any Battle ! ) Only with the same rules ! ) But I have full movement of his chin to catch ! ) “

Denis Tsyplenkov: ” Я боюсь травмироваться!) больно очень! Поэтому нужно дойти до оределенного количества шоб перейти на следующий рубеж!) да и настроения нет выходить на пик если ни куда не готовлюсь!) ”

Google Translate: ” I’m afraid to get hurt ! ) Is very painful ! Therefore it is necessary to reach the number oredelennogo Schaub go to the next line ! ) And the mood there is no exit to the peak when or where no getting ready ! ) “


Cyplenkov’s video was a response to this video with Kirill Sarychev:

Biceps curl 292 lbs (132.5 kg) x 6 reps by Sarychev KirillSubscribe us:WRPF – World RAW Powerlifting Federation – Kirill Sarychev#wrpf #sutorstrong

Posted by WRPF – World RAW Powerlifting Federation – Kirill Sarychev on Saturday, June 6, 2015

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Denis Cyplenkov 2 x 150 kg
Denis Cyplenkov 2 x 150 kg
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