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VIDEOS: Fittest Armwrestler on Earth Contest – ARM TV

Fittest Armwrestler on Earth Contest - ARM TV
Fittest Armwrestler on Earth Contest – ARM TV
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Gary Roberts –

” FIRSTLY!! VERY IMPORTANT GUYS…THIS IS AN OFF THE BOOKS ARM TV CONTEST…WE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN PROMOTING (REGARDING SOCIAL MEDIA) THAT CROSSFIT DOES NOT ENDORSE NOR IS AFFILIATED AT ALL WITH THIS. They are very particular when it comes to the use of their brand so it can not come off as a contest they are running. It is an ARM TV/ ARMWRESTLER thing. Gottit? good.

are you in?

using the CrossFit Open Standards… you must enter the open, compete all five workouts… highest scored armwrestler at the end of the Open wins 3 months to a CrossFit Box near you plus a Level One Training Seminar Entry: Total Prize package value approx 1450 bucks!!!

You must be a member of ARM TV during the length of the Open in order to collect the winning prize if you are the Fittest!!

post your CrossFit athlete Profile here or email me, just over 7 days till first WOD released… ( email [email protected])

here is my profile… let the games begin!!!


Don’t forget…if you can continue on toward the Regionals and the Games…there is a much larger purse waiting for you!! ”


” Registration for the Open link here “

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UPDATE: I changed the name of the article and the image, because of these comments from Gary Roberts:

Gary Roberts ·  Works at ARM TV

” Thanks for the promotion please remove CrossFit from the has to say ARM TV contest. And the behind the scenes photo of my set visit can’t be used. Thanks for the clarification! 🙂 “

Gary Roberts · Works at ARM TV

” CrossFit is very picky how their brand is used. the contest is something we are doing ‘piggy backing’ the Open and not offically endorsed by CF. Thanks so much for understanding. 🙂 “

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