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Ian Carnegie vs. Travis Bagent, WAL 2017 CHAMPIONSHIPS QUALIFIED ARMWRESTLERS & REGISTRATION │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from
Ian Carnegie vs. Travis Bagent, WAL 2017 CHAMPIONSHIPS QUALIFIED ARMWRESTLERS & REGISTRATION │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from

” Arm Wrestlers!

The WAL 2017 Championships are upon us! Time for a couple of important & exciting announcements.

For the PRO classes

1. The deadline to register for the 2017 Championships is JUNE 1, 2017. If you are qualified to Las Vegas and planning to attend, please go register NOW here. If you do not register by June 1, we will award your place to the next qualified puller.

2. If you are qualified to attend Championships and do not plan to attend, please let us know immediately at [email protected].
Because we need to create custom shirts with competitors’ names on them, please let us know as soon as possible if you do not plan to use your WAL Championship spot so we can inform others to attend.

3. Once you have registered, all competitors need to send a picture/scan of their valid ID to: [email protected] to compete.

Final points to remember:

  • The House of Blues is an 18+ venue.
  • As with all previous Championships, Las Vegas pro competitors will be required to sign an appearance, liability and likeness exclusivity agreement with a 24-month term.
  • Remember: you can only compete on arm(s) that qualified for Las Vegas. You can not compete on both arms if you only qualified through on one.

For the AMATEUR classes

  • Deadline to register for Las Vegas is JUNE 8, 2017. Pre-registration is required.
  • No need to let us know if you are an amateur who is not attending Las Vegas.
  • Amateur competitors are not required to sign a likeness exclusivity agreement. “


This table was made by XSportNews using the official data from

-165 lb / -75 kg LEFT HAND -165 lb / -75 kg RIGHT HAND
Sam Harris Sam Harris
Janis Amolins Janis Amolins
Ezzy Worden Ezzy Worden
Justin Bishop Justin Bishop
Grant Bundy Ray Hennerichs
George Whitfield Brian Malek
Ray Hennerichs Randy Louive
Adam Wilmot Adam Wilmot
Dan Bellefeuille Dan Bellefeuille
Jeremy Fraley Brandon Simpson
Jesse Weichart Roby Russell
Bryan Koerner Lance Treen
Artem Taranenko Artem Taranenko
Iliya Saidov Iliya Saidov
Dustin Cook Dustin Cook
Gerold Dees Paul Fisher
Patrick Baffa LeiRaun Baldwin
Ali Hamadiya Ali Hamadiya
Ethan Fritsche Ethan Fritsche
Tom Holland- England Tom Holland- England
Patrik Berg- Sweden Patrik Berg- Sweden
Klaidas Marciukaitis- England Klaidas Marciukaitis- England
Njornor Martinson- Norway Craig Sanders- England
Degzon Lajci- Norway Anil Najran- England
Jordan Davis Jordan Davis
Zurab Kayta Kyle Howarth
————————— — ————————— —
-195 lb / -88.6 kg LEFT HAND -195 lb / -88.6 kg RIGHT HAND
Todd Hutchings Todd Hutchings
Storm Chellino Storm Chellino
Rob Vigeant Rob Vigeant
Eric Roussin Craig Tullier
Alen Turcinhodzic Michael Grimaldi
Quinlan Mendez Quinlan Mendez
Paul Talbott Paul Talbott
Robertas Prozivalskis Joel Hudik
Tony Kitowski Tony Kitowski
Mike Selearis Mike Selearis
Jordan Sill Jordan Sill
Brandon Ellsessor Brandon Ellsessor
Alan Guerra Corey Lyon
Shea Dickie Evo Stuller
Danial Worley Kevin Robertson
Sam Tabbert Ryan Johnston
Pavlo Derbedyenyev Dallas Langston
Seth Barnett Daniel Mosier
Frode Haugland- Norway Frode Haugland- Norway
Niklas Nannestad- Sweden Niklas Nannestad- Sweden
Andreas Hoffner- Germany Paul Maiden- England
Niclas Lindberg- Sweden Niclas Lindberg- Sweden
Sean Paterson- Scotland Meindert Nentjes- Holland
Glen Bengtsson- Sweden Glen Bengtsson- Sweden
Daniel Tesch Daniel Tesch
Phil Rasmussen Anmol Sandhu
————————— — ————————— —
-225 lb / -102 kg LEFT HAND -225 lb / -102 kg RIGHT HAND
Devon Larratt Devon Larratt
Matt Mask Matt Mask
Ron Bath Ron Bath
Marcio Barboza Marcio Barboza
Derrick Simmons Frank Hirst
Scott Ballinger Scott Ballinger
Chase Stratton Steven Green
David Weakland David Weakland
Dickie Spiroff Colby Anderson
Jadako Talton John Milne
Jerome Loud Jerome Loud
Anthony Lowe Anthony Lowe
Miki Moto Bo Oleson
Josh Moeck Nick Brown
Ernest Stranz Jose Ramos
Ryan Barnett Ryan Barnett
Chris Hintgen Rance Clayton
Adis Turcinhodzic Chase Stratton
Stefan Tamas- England Stefan Tamas- England
Magnus Lundgren- Sweden Magnus Lundgren- Sweden
Lee Webber- England Jonathan Renberg- Sweden
Phillip Sohm- Austria Marvin Palmer- England
Darius Anelauskas- Norway Michael Gattoni- England
Ryan Scott Ryan Scott
Brett Coutts Brett Coutts
————————— — ————————— —
225+ lb / +102 kg LEFT HAND 225+ lb / +102 kg RIGHT HAND
Dave Chaffee Dave Chaffee
Ryan Espey Ryan Espey
Kody Merritt Chris Chandler
Jeff Slater Jeff Slater
Eric Woelfel Nick Zinna
Jerry Cadorette Jerry Cadorette
Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Travis Bagent Travis Bagent
Ian Carnegie Ian Carnegie
Shawn Lattimer Micheal Todd
Karl Stanley Karl Stanley
Bryce Talton Stephen Siwek
Marc Guay Marc Guay
Kent Damore Ranell Duncan
Chuck Young Chuck Young
Janek Kwias Ruben Santiesteban
John Jackson Matthew Taylor
Michael Ware Nick Traxler
Josh McInturff Bill Runkle
Ciprian Tapaszto- England BJ Fokakis
Ray Lillemo- Norway Robby Burnett
Sindre Halland- Norway Ciprian Tapazsto- England
Gregory Schnieder- France Stephen Sowah- England
Ralf Johansson- Sweden Sindre Halland- Norway
Ben Carroll Eric Kurvink- Holland
Maate Heta-morris Ralf Johansson- Sweden
Ben Carroll
Maate Heta-morris
————————— — ————————— —
-128 lb / -58 kg LEFT HAND -128 lb / -58 kg RIGHT HAND
Deb Selearis Deb Selearis
Michelle Smart Michelle Smart
Tatiane Faria Tatiane Faria
Nadiya Wilczynski Nadiya Wilczynski
Jodi Larratt Jodi Larratt
Julie Nutsch Julie Nutsch
Jessalynn Carosella Jessalynn Carosella
Katrina Mock- Germany Katrina Mock- Germany
Erika Ketola- Finland Jonna Blind- Sweden
Jonna Blind- Sweden Gabriela Gherghe- England
Gabriela Gherghe- England Erika Ketola- Finland
Maria Lundqvist- Sweden Maria Lundqvist- Sweden
Kaleigh Maldonado Kaleigh Maldonado
————————— — ————————— —
-148 lb / -67 kg LEFT HAND -148 lb / -67 kg RIGHT HAND
Lisa Wolfley Lisa Wolfley
Michelle Dougan Michelle Dougan
Andrea Lalonde Joyce King
Nancy Nally Tamara Mitts
Angie Rose Angie Rose
Kali Cassanova Kali Cassanova
Debbie Banaian Debbie Banaian
Tyann Hintgen Tyann Hintgen
Kayla Jackson Kayla Jackson
Autumn Cote Autumn Cote
Shawna Feist Shawna Fesit
Megan Traxler Megan Traxler
Veronica Knight Veronica Knight
Tamara Mitts Fia Reisek- Sweden
Shauna Rubin Sarah Nyberg- Sweden
Fia Reisek- Sweden Piritta Hannukari- Finland
Sarah Nyberg- Sweden
Piritta Hannukari- Finland
————————— — ————————— —
148+ lb / +67 kg LEFT HAND 148+ lb / +67 kg RIGHT HAND
Sarah Backman Sarah Backman
Alma Keuhl Alma Keuhl
Nancy Hart Nancy Hart
Elizabeth Sack Elizabeth Sack
Natasha Batt Natasha Batt
Angela Matthews Angela Matthews
Josee Morneau Josee Morneau
Heidi Cordner Heidi Cordner
Deena Haynes Deena Haynes
Angela Hall Angela Hall
Ana Kenah Ana Kenah
Malin Kleinsmith- Sweden Malin Kleinsmith- Sweden
Nat Dennison Nat Dennison
Sarah Rodwell Sarah Rodwell
————————— — ————————— —


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