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INTERVIEWS: Richard Lupkes, Robert Drenk, Casey Martin on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio │ 25 August 2013

You really have to listen to it, I wrote about some interesting points of the show:

In the beginning of the show Craig Soubliere and his wife Sara Soubliere talk about the legitimacy of the . Craig said that  has no love for armwrestling because he just wants to see bikini girls armwrestling. Craig said that Hunter lies about the facebook page of the event, he lied about winning his national title and he lied about having the money for the event.

Starting from 17:15, Casey Martin enters the show.

Starting from 39:30,  enters the show.

At 62:30 Robert Drenk also enters the show, and talks about the . Robert said he made a very good offer to Wagner Bortolato to pull , before he made the offer to . Wagner didn’t have the mindset at the moment, but at the end of the event Wagner came to Robert and said he is looking forward to work together in the future.

Robert Drenk tells about when he first proposed a match with , Devon said no way… 🙂 Next Robert offered $1000 and Devon said he will think about it… And in the end Robert knew that he has to put Devon on a spot in front of everybody to push him, and made the $5000  offer.

Robert Drenk said that he is now trying to finalize things, to sign an exclusive contract with Devon Larratt.

Robert Drenk committed on the show to get just as heavy titles for the left hand as for the right hand. There will also be a championship belt for the women classes. At the end Robert thanks to all the people helped making the event possible and talks about what will happen at UAL Head Quarters Grand Opening – 31 August 2013.

Don Underwood didn’t get into the show.

At the end of the show Craig Soubliere remembered that  was not nice and he was threatening him in the previous radio show. Craig said that he is waiting for Travis in Florida to settle the matter, not on the armwrestling table. 🙂

On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Sunday Aug 25th at 8pm E.S.T. I have another jammed packed show this week my special guest will be Casey Martin, Don Underwood and Richard Lupkes will be joining me. Also all the week’s news and happening’s in the world of Arm Wrestling a lot of things have gone down and I will have the scoop for you.

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