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INTERVIEW: Devon Larratt on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio │ 14 March 2014

Devon Larratt talks about the 2014 Australian Tour, armwrestling training, rehab after injury, tendonitis and other armwrestling topics.

Devon said he is learning to armwrestle all over again with his right arm, because he is still recovering after the injury and the surgery he had at the right elbow. His right arm doesn’t feel like it is the same arm it was before, at practice other armwrestlers told him his arm feels like Swiss cheese – “it definitely has some holes, but there’s still some cheese there” :). He still has a lot of mental barriers that he has to break down for the right arm. He believes it will be a time span of years until he will be able to say his right arm it is where it was before (2010 or so). But Devon doesn’t plan to stop pulling, and he imagines that his right arm will evolve into a different thing, something good.

Devon Larratt said his left arm feels Mega, the left arm never ever felt better in his entire armwrestling career. He calls it the “new right”. He wants to pull an event with his left arm. He wants to pull (left arm) Denis Cyplenkov, Christian Binnie, Wagner Bortolato. Devon asked any promoter to call him if he wants to set it up.

Devon says he loves Game of Arms, and the fact that the show will make people (non-armwrestlers) like armwrestling as they fall in love with the storyline. And only after that people will be ready to be introduced to big armwrestling leagues like UAL – Ultimate Armwrestling LeagueARM WARSPAL – Professional Armwrestling League.

Craig Soubliere asked Devon if something even came close to anything with a big armwrestling league. Devon replied that he doesn’t want to be restricted at this time, and this is why he hesitated to sign with Robert Drenk and Bill Collins from the UAL – Ultimate Armwrestling League, although he loves what they are doing. Devon said he tried to get Denis Cyplenkov with the help of Neil Pickup from ARM WARS, or with the help of PAL – Professional Armwrestling League, but it didn’t work out yet.

Devon said that although there is a lot of talk about the Top 16 tournament, his honest opinion is that he doesn’t even feel that it will happen.

Devon said he doesn’t have anything 100% concrete planned yet, but admitted it his fault as well because he is hard to be nailed down sometimes. To forget the frustration of not being able to get on a major armwrestling event, he tries to stay focused on the reason he came into this sport: because he enjoys armwrestling, he didn’t came to be paid, he didn’t came to be famous. He is cool with pooling into his garage until 75, if there’s all it is. 🙂 But he certainly want to do more.

Next Devon talks about the Ottawa High Hookers – which became a very strong armwrestling team has became and the fact that some of them will have Super Matches at 2014 MIKE GOULD CLASSIC.

Source: Arm Wrestling Nation Radio on BlogTalkRadio

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