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VIDEO: Devon Larratt’s Freedom Armwrestling: The big debate

Devon Larratt's Freedom Armwrestling debut event, John Milne vs. Steve Morneau, Devon Larratt referee

Devon Larratt’s Freedom Armwrestling debut event, John Milne vs. Steve Morneau, Devon Larratt referee

The video is posted below, but I wanted to wrote my opinion about Freedom Armwrestling. Please feel free to comment and leave your own thoughts about Freedom Armwrestling.

  1. Let’s start with the most liked comment from youtube: “Michael Todd is f***ed.

My opinion: NO, HE IS NOT. That comment has now 20 likes only because armwrestlers don’t like Michael Todd’ style of armwrestling and they want to believe that he would not be able to apply the same style in Freedom Armwrestling. But they simply forget that in classic armwrestling the pin pads are higher than the elbow pads and Michael Todd still doesn’t touch the pin pads most of the time. I believe Michael Todd could be very good at this freedom armwrestling, if he wants to try it.

2. I believe it is interesting because I like diversity (but I wouldn’t build a table for Freedom Armwrestling), it is a new and very different form of armwrestling. And it is a good thing it is made by Devon Larratt because otherwise armwrestlers wouldn’t be open to it. See ► POLL: Your opinion on Devon Larratt’s Freedom Armwrestling

3. The fast hitters will not enjoy Freedom Armwrestling so much, because it is much harder to make a fast pin. Freedom Armwrestling will not take the title of world’s fastest sport from classic Armwrestling. 🙂

4. I believe Freedom Armwrestling gives you a sense of satisfaction, it looks like the winner is more clear, he has to be more dominant than in classic Armwrestling. I’m sure Todd Hutchings would be very good at this.

5. From what I’ve seen so far, in Freedom Armwrestling it is harder to apply some techniques from classic Armwrestling. It favors the guy with more brute force. I believe some new specific techniques for Freedom Armwrestling will appear in time.

6. If you want to become better in classic Armwrestling, I don’t think it is a good idea to start training too much for Freedom Armwrestling, because the rules are very different and it will make you do too many elbow fouls in classic Armwrestling.

The winner of Freedom Armwrestling event was Steve Morneau.

Morneau crushes – debut Freedom armwrestling event

Source: Devon Larratt