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VIDEO: Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship vs. NFL greed

James Harrison vs. Travis Bagent │ Collage made by XSportnews using images from James Harrison's instagram jhharrison92
James Harrison vs. Travis Bagent │ Collage made by XSportnews using images from James Harrison’s instagram jhharrison92

Scroll down to watch the CBSSPORTS video and read the comments from the ESPN article.

The contest, with heavyweight and light heavyweight titles in play, took place April 5-9 and is scheduled to be broadcast on CBS on May 27-28, with the championship round shown June 3.

The NFL is considering fining more than 30 players for competing in the Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship, which raised money for charity.

The event hosted at the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas raised money for the Giving Back Fund, the official NFL Players Association charity. Half of the $100,000 first prize is set to go to the charity.

Alan Brickman, who is a co-owner of Encinal Entertainment and helping to stage the event, told USA Today that the company did in fact check with the league and several months ago they “engaged with two different departments within the league and tried to strike a deal to include the NFL as a partner with the event.”

The NFL didn’t want to do that, unsurprisingly, but Brickman says he was led to believe turning off the power on any machines in the nearby area would keep the event within compliance.

However it appears that the players, who will be donating half of the $100,000 prize money to charity, may be hearing from the league about their participation, in a less than friendly manner.


I have to say the most interesting part is the comment section from the espn article:

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