VIDEOS: Alexey Voevoda 2013 – Interviews with subtitles about his diet and more

There are 2 videos, scroll down to watch them. Below each video I posted the transcript of the English subtitles.

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In this interview from 2013, Alexey Voevoda talks about his diet / nutrition, about being a vegetarian / vegan. Alexey tells us about his childhood and rope climbing. He also gives some details about his right shoulder injury from bobsleigh – at a speed of 130km/h, and how armwrestling saved him because he stopped with only one hand (left hand). His return to armwrestling after the Sochi 2014 is also mentioned in the video interview. At the end of the video he smashes a coconut into a Kettlebellwith his right hand.

Alexey Voevoda 2013 (with subtitles)

You’ll be surprized

Alexey Voevoda, who is three-time World champion in armwrestling,
two-time Winter Olympics medalist in bobsleigh, eat very unusually

Many top-models would be envious his diet

“In the morning I have 2 glass of water”

“In the afternoon I have vegetables”

“In the evening I have fruits, vegetables. mixed vegetable food”

He doesn’t eat any kind of meat and almost doesn’t eat heat-treated food

He has been raw vegetarian for 2 years

Meanwhile he is still one of the strongest bobsledder

His height is 194 cm and weight is 118 kg

These parameters are shocking

“On Monday I drink only water, without any sort of food”

“And I feel very good”

Even on Monday he trains

He can’t exist without exercise stress

He used to be strong

“I grew up in the mountains and we sometimes climbed trees”

“I usually won in that competition”

“When I was 8-9 year old I pulled up 15-17 times”

“Although other children couldn’t pull up at all”

Recently he realized that he is ‘man of steel’

“The track wasn’t good and there was a rise”

“I unclasped my hand to stop. Then I was
thrown and hit my shoulder on the ceiling”

“The speed was 130 km/h. My arm growed numb”

“But armwrestling saved me. I stopped with only one hand”

“It might be more serious, but I had only incomplete fracture. It’s rubbish”

Even with incomplete fracture he can do it

This exercise helped him in armwrestling. Now he
still do this exercise in each train

After Sochi-2014 he decided left bobsleigh and return in armwrestling

“I can’t forgive armwrestling and there will be comeback”

“My level is quite high. But today my
power isn’t the same as Cyplenkov’s power”

“However some part of my body is still strong, like forearm”

Seeing on bogatyr-Voevoda’s strength of body [bogatyr is strong hero in Russia]

Our camera crew solved to do experiment

Called ‘cocoanut’

His goal is to break cocoanut

Considering Alexey’s physical injury we gave him weight

“We checked that armwlestler’s short move can break cocoanut”

He broke, smashed, crashed coconut

Our reporter can’t do it. He actually isn’t armwlestler

Voevoda is rare and valuable athlete not only in Russia, but in the World

He was the best in armwrestling and became world champion in bobsleigh

It can do true Russian bogatyr — Alexey Voevoda

Voevoda about his diet (with subtitles)

Source: Ruslan Martynov

Man: Alexey, I read in interview that you’re vegetarian
Yes, I don’t eat meat at all
Man: How does your diet influence for recreation?
It’s good for my recreation
Man: Why?
Protein causes of decomposition in our body. It’s axiom
Man: Animal protein?
Any protein. Do you know a decay product of protein?
Man: Amino acids
Amino acids are one little part of decay product of protein. Amino acids depend on quality of protein.
Decays products of protein are always BUN, ammonia, thinol and other toxics.
It’s nutrition for harmful microflora (pathogenic bacteria). This harmful microflora is the cause of decomposition.
Read academician A.M. Ugolev. 1991. The theory of adequate specific nutrition.
He investigated microflora (gut flora) and he tried to separate microflora as individual member of the body.
When our microflora is healthy it should weigh 2.5-3.5 kg. Microflora produce amino acids, hormones.
It’s clever biochemical machine that allow us to be healthy and happy.
I’ve gone on Kremlyevskay diet (little carbohydrates, much protein), meat diet, milk diet, drank many protein cocktails.
I experimented with diet a lot. But I started running and doing Barbell Lunge forward, laterad and circle-wise very effective after raw vegetarian diet.
When I ate meat, supplement amino acids, creatine, minerals I did Barbell Lunge forward, laterad and circle-wise 220 kg. I lacked of energy.
When I stopped eating meat I did 320 kg without amino acids, vitamins, minerals.
I just eat vegetables and fruits. Easy. I forget the stomach pain.
Man: Without milk?
At first I ate fermented milk product and drank milk. Then I stopped.
Man: Are you vegan?
Yes, I am.
Man: Do you eat cooked food?
No. Of course not.
Man: Do you eat kasha[cereal, five-grain porridge, polenta etc.]?
In the winter I need to do the correction my nutrition and I eat kasha.
But in the summer we have opportunity to eat fresh vegetables and fruits and to be raw vegans. Just try it.
I encourage a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you like it. I liked it. My sister became pregnant after raw vegan diet.
My coach on this diet, aged 65 years, did overhead press on smith machine 120 kg.
Man: Everybody say that you should eat much meat and consume sport nutrition to recreation faster.
I explain you. Compare alimentary system of predator, weed-eater and us. Who do we look like?
Our jaw chews the food. Our jaw can’t bite off flesh.
Comparing with predator and weed-eater we have different alimentary system.
We aren’t predator and weed-eater.
We are frugivore. Fruit have high caloric value.
Bald man with a beard: go away please!
I don’t lose weight. Weight which you need you don’t lose.
Man: Do you eat fish?
I don’t eat fish.
Bald man with a beard: I was 152 kg. I looked like a perfect fright. I gasped for breath on 40th seconds. My punch was like a push.
Bald man with a beard: I eat a little meat. I think when you’re young there is a sense to eat meat to gain in the weight.
Bald man with a beard: But when you grow old you should look after your health.
Bald man with a beard: You ought to be careful with this nutrition. And if you choose this diet you should have medical education or good coach.
I consulted with academic.
Bald man with a beard: Experiments with health aren’t good. Alexey have good education. Trial and error isn’t for your healthy. Time’s up!
Thank you. Good bye!

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