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Ray Darling – Legendary Armwrestler, RIP

Ray Darling
Ray Darling │ Source: Ray Darling Sr. 

The Legendary RAY DARLING- RIP….

Kevin Siska” Dear Armwrestling Community,
A few days ago Ray went into the ER and was dianosed with endocarditis (heart valve infection) and they had to do an emergency surgery and replace the valve again. After a hard fight Ray never recovered and passed away this evening.
(More info to follow.)

RIP Ray. You were an inspiration to many, a major embassador to our sport of Armwrestling, and a true friend. You will be missed dearly!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Rob Vigeant Jr.: ” This is terrible, ray has been one of my favorites since I started.. And even given his age was still a bad draw for everyone just a few years ago.I just sat and talked with him for a bit at Addison county fair…. He looked solid.

Man, bums me out… God bless you ray… RIP ”

Bill Cox: ” So sorry to hear that, my condolances to his family. I have know Ray for about 35 years and always considered him a friend and great armwrestler. We will miss him and keep his family in out prayers ”

Eric Roussin: ” This is very sad news. He’s always been an inspiration to me. I think many people may not realize the role he played in two major developments in this sport. First, he was the main person involved in the development of the Yukon Jack series of professional events, which were the top events of the early to mid’90s. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, he was the main organizer of a trip to the USSR in 1989, which first exposed Russians to organized armwrestling. Basically, this trip can be credited to opening up the world of armwrestling to eastern Europe…

Ray was a great man, who truely helped progress the sport. ”

Bill Sinks: ” Ray was a great friend as well as an inspiration . I talked with him a bout a month ago Karrie and I were going to stop by and visit but he said he had a bad cold so maybe next time, although he sounded good . I could not help but like Ray the first time I met him We had many good times together . My thoughts go to Jody and his family Ray was #1 in my book ! “


Ray Darling - armwrestling
Ray Darling – armwrestling │ Source: Gene Camp

Gene Camp: ” Dearest Family and friends of Ray Darling,

The members of the New York Arm Wrestling Association and so many others who knew Ray; we offer our deepest sympathy on his sudden passing today. Although it is little consolation at this sad time, it should be of some satisfaction to know how much Ray was loved by his family, friends and the entire arm-wrestling community. Ray was a true champion and nice guy. The measure of a life well-lived is not in how much money one has or what possessions they have accumulated, but rather through, the lives Ray touched and the sorrow that he left behind. May you find peace and comfort in knowing that the outpouring of sympathy on the loss of Ray is felt by all who knew and loved him.

In Sympathy,

Gene Camp, Dan Fortuna, Bobby Buttafuoco, Jason Vale and the entire Arm Wrestling Community “


Andrew Rhodes: ” Absolutely heartbroken to hear of the passing of Ray Darling Sr. .A great man who befriended my late father Abraham Rhodes and myself when I was 15 years old. Ray was a fierce competitor and a great friend my family loved him as do I . We were blessed to have him in our lives and he will be missed. ”

Karen Brisson: ” It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear this news. Ray was amazing in so many ways. I met him when i was competing at age 16 out of the country, no parents with me, he took me under his wing and watched over me. we’ve been great friends ever since. Thoughts, love and prayers to his family. “

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  1. Jay Carlisle · Works at Specalist 4 (ret.) U.S.ARMY.
    Our Sport is quite unique to most Pro Level contact. Instead of 10 years being a long time in the game , like football, many stay in ArmSports for over 40 years so the bonds created among us are lifetime bonds. This news heartbreaking, I hope you find strentgh during this difficult loss. Noli me Tangere…

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