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Kaloyan Petrov, Profile

Kaloyan Petrov
Kaloyan Petrov

Name: Kaloyan Petrov Kaloyan Petrov - facebook page YouTube - Omnipotent Growth Omnipotent Growth website - @omnipotentgrowth - instagram @KaloyanPetrovOG - twitter

Nickname: The Grip


Country:  🇧🇬

— —  Measurements  — —

Height: 186 cm (6’1″)

Weight: 92 kg (203 lb)

Biceps 💪



46 cm (18.1″)

43 cm (16.9″)

21 cm (8.3″)

— —                       — —

Preferred armwrestling technique(s): Pronation Based

Preferred hand: Both

When and how did you start armwrestling: In 2005 I found out that I’m able to win over many opponents and also over my Martial Arts fellows. That made me sign up into the local club. In 2009 I founded “Adrenaline Armwrestling Club”.

Armwrestling record (best results):

    • Multiple National Bulgarian Champion – Both arms
    • Senior Men OPEN LEFT Champion – SOKOL MARIĆ 2014
    • 5th place in Senior Men 90 kg Right – EUROARM 2016

Armwrestling projects: Making Armwrestling popular in Many Magazines (Including “Men’s Health”). Lot’s of TV shows and interviews over the years. Organizing tournaments. And lately my “Time To Grow Stronger” series on YouTube.

I’m the President of “Adrenaline Armwrestling Club” and I had the pleasure to coach national champions. My first student and teammate that I coached is Kaloyan Tumbev – 2nd place – SENIOR MEN RIGHT 80 KG – EUROARM 2014 and 2nd place – SENIOR MEN RIGHT 80 – WORLDARM 2014.

Armwrestling goal: Being able to enjoy Armwrestling as long as possible. Also a big priority now is to help others that want to become better in our sport and scale the Armwrestling sport worldwide.

Toughest match: Too many to name just one, but I guess for hook match it’s against Ongarbayev (WAC 2016) was a big and long one. Another great one in top roll is against Alexandr Getalo (WAC 2013 – right hand).

Toughest opponent(s): Again I faced many great pullers like Krasimir Kostadinov, Sasho Andreev, Stoyan Golemanov, Kydyrgaly OngarbaevAlexandr Getalo and many many more that are crazy strong.

Occupation: Manager, Creator, Founder, Coach, Armwrestler.

What motivates you: Getting better, helping others to get better.

Preferred armwrestler(s), someone who you really admire in armwrestling: I admire many armwrestlers, but I’m thankful to Cvetan Gashevski and him making this a sport in Bulgaria 25 years ago, so now we can have one of the strongest teams in the world.

Favorite quote / an idea that guides you in life: “Amat victoria curam” – Victory loves preparation.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now: If we are talking purely for our sport – Pulling, Teaching Armwrestling, Having one of the largest communities of people that want to get better.

Message to your fellow armwrestlers / pullers: This is a sport of grind, patience and iron will. It takes years to master this craft and you always can learn something new. Be focused on enjoying armwrestling and take it as a whole science so you can find the best way of making the most out of it. If it is done correctly, this sport can be your partner your whole life.

Kaloyan The Grip Petrov – Adrenaline Armwrestling Club [Video from 2010]

Kaloyan Petrov (Bul) – Georgi Szasz (Hun) [Video from 2012]

Krasimir Kostadinov vs Kaloyan Petrov | Bulgarian Armwrestling Nationals 2012

Source: Omnipotent Growth


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