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VIDEO: Alexey Voevoda, Dmitry Lapikov: Are vegetarianism and strength sports compatible?

The video has English subtitles / captions enabled. Below the video I posted the transcript of the English subtitles / captions, SCROLL DOWN.
This video interview was made by Dmitry Lapikov, who is a Russian weightlifter competing in the 105 kg category. He won the bronze medal in the 105 kg event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. More info about him on wikipedia ► Dmitry Lapikov.

Source: Dmitry Lapikov

Hi everyone! Today is the 8th of September 2015.
My friend is flying in today
He and I, know each other very well
I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time

I thought we would meet on his territory, but he flew over here to Kaliningrad

I’m not going to tell you who it is, just yet
I will tell you about him in the car
We are all going to the airport
Still driving towards the airport

I would like to say a couple of words about this person

Whom I’m going to meet

I met and befriended him about a year ago, during filming for a tv project

A unique person
He is strong naturally
And has a strong character
I am happy to be meeting him here in Kaliningrad
I think, many have already guessed who he is
He is not a weightlifter
But a living sporting legend
He competed during the Olympics in Sochi in 2014
Triumphed and won two gold medals

In addition, he is also a nine time world champion in a non-olympic sport (arm wrestling)

He lives a non-orthodox life in terms of diet, he is a vegetarian

I think by know you guessed who he is
We will see him a little later
Onwards to the airport

They said that by 2018 this will be a super airport

Currently it’s just an airport

Dmitriy: How was your flight?

Alexey Voevoda: Great!

Alexey Voevoda two time Olympic bobsled champion and nine time world arm wrestling champion

Alexey: Have a look

Alexey: this is not all. randat – side lateral jump over the pommelhorse

Dmitiry: what’s the name of the project?

Alexey: gymnastics with stars

Alexey: remember how we wanted to learn to break dance? I have actually just learned to do a backward flip

Alexey: the knee is alright at the moment

Alexey: but it does not bend fully

Alexey: only hurts when I jump

Alexey: otherwise, the lift off is good

Alexey: recieved the injury due to not landing properly

Alexey: during training I lift weights which even I sometimes question

Alexey: there are guys who inject etc, but still don’t do as much weight

Alexey: they do not recover as fast as me

Alexey: healthiest possible diet – definitely vegan.

Alexey: healthy thinking – that’s more important

Alexey: I am not trying to persuade any one to do it

Alexey:everyone just looks at me funny because I don’t eat meat

Alexey: think I’m part of a sect, not I am not part of a sect, just a rationally thinking person

Alexey: On the flight, I opened the menu and saw a big shrimp

Alexey: a live creature, destroyed and killed

Alexey: poor shrimp, I couldn’t understand how you can possibly eat it

Alexey: but seven years ago I used to eat them by the kilogram.

Alexey: did not think about it once

Alexey: the principle is when you start thinking about your diet, breathing, walking and training

Alexey: this analysis will enalbe you to use your abilities more effectively

Alexey: I have redone all of my training plans

Alexey: you can only grow through pain, strengthening joints – pain

Alexey: strengthening bones – pain.
Alexey: this is how the real strength is formed

Alexey: look at male gorillas, they are huge, strong and are vegans.

Alexey: they eat nothing else besides plant based foods

Alexey: they can rip you apart with their hands, they have huge deltoids and 60cm biceps

Alexey: one thing is they have a large stomach due to constant process of fermentation, no fat is present

Alexey: they have a living microflora, ongoing process of fermentation and synthesis

Alexey: if humans have 1.5kg of micro flora than the gorilla has 10kg and it synthesises all the required materials

Alexey: A fully operation bio laboratory

Alexey: besides this micro flora synthesises all the amino acids required by the body

Alexey: In other words substances that have been adapted to your organism

Alexey: everything is consumed at 100% no loss occurs.

Alexey: No tumours or other bad stuff will happen to you

Alexey: As soon as you start consuming animal products, which have foreign hormones present will lead to hormonal imbalance

Alexey: so if the person is adequate and understands those moments, then you can train without “juice”

Dmitiry: Karneliya Mango wrote to me the other day
D: Saying that I’ve lost weight
Alexey: Dim you look much better

Alexey: you used to be as big as a pig, didn’t suit you, now you look much better

Alexey: Like a good civilised slav.
Alexey: I think that fat is a pathogen
D: from where health problems take root

Alexey: if you understand what is protein, protein is not absorbed by the organism

Alexey: It absorbs mono amino acids – broken down protein

Alexey: during the protein break down, around 80% are toxins – amiac, tinol and other acidic elements

Alexey: so animal protein has 80% of those acids

Alexey: plant protein have about 40% of those acids.

Alexey: so by eating meat you harm yourself
-Alexey, do you eat eggs, tvorog “goat cheese”?
Alexey: No I do not

Alexey: During the first four years as a vegan did not eat it, now as a vegetarian I can eat things like bread

Alexey: Now I eat non-yeast bread

Alexey: I do not follow a strict diet and allow a cheat meal now and then

– Alcohol?
Alexey: No I do not drink at all

Alexey: event the best wine at the end of the day is still ethanol

D: Recently we had a creative session here, training on top of the highest building in Kaliningrad

D: We took all the equipment with us: bars, plates etc. The entire city is on your palm

D: Here I ran with the 2014 Olympic torch
/ D: here on the dunes
D: madam, please listen to Alexey’s order carefull
Alexey: fresh fruit salad
A: creme soup with mushrooms
A: some porridge with vegetables

A: And two jugs of fresh juice – orange, apple and carrot.

To us!
Very tasty, perfect proportions
A: I often here a lot of bullshit about food
A: Like you can not digest carrots without oil

– what I like about bobsled is how deceivingly difficult it is

A: Any sport is difficult, event darts – flight trajectory specifics

– any professional sportsman understand this

-as for collagen for strengthening joints, its noting, as everything in the stomach becomes an amino acid

A:-collagen is a protein, protein is made up of amino acids, to create collagen you require amino acids

A: if the organism requires collagen, then it will synthesise it from the correct foods

– from food supplements I think you should only take amino acids.

A: Yes I agree pretty much everything is pointless fore recovery besides BCAA

A: my friend owns a supplement store and says that people tend to buy more protein (even though it does not work)

Polivitamins, BCAA are the best
around 20 to 30 grams of BCAA should e enough

once you remove dairy products form your diet, you will see an increase in endurance

it’s hard for me to remove them as I grew up on them

still a mix up in diet for health and competing athletes is important

A: I disagree about the quantity of food

A: If you train loads, eat loads but spread the meals over the day

A: this kind of food digests for 40min in the stomach where it ferments

A: the food is then absorbed onto the intestine
A: in the stomach it just breaks down

A: and of you eat loads at once the digestion will be slow and incomplete

A: A-eat right, b- in right quantity, c – eat more often

– what’s in your diet
A: vegetables , juices and smoothies

-what about proteins, aminos where do you get them from?

A: you haven’t understood my system

A: Our microflora synthesises everything we require

A: high concentration of protein can be founds in nuts and feta cheese

A: we don’t need to much of at anyway, we can only put on 3kg of pure muscles per year

A: the rest is water and fat

– bodybuilders stick with 2gr. of protein per 1kg of mass per day, whats your opinion on it?

A: I definitely do not follow it
A: I base it on how I feel

A: right now I am eating and enjoying it, that’s healthy

A: What quantity? I eat until the feeling of active hunger disappears

A: Don’t overeat
A: we can out eat each other from hunger
A: It’s better not to eat if you are not hungry

A: when you become a vegetarian, and begin to comparing your results form before and after, I am sure you will see some improvements

A: After seven months my strength increased

A: before I used to do lunges at 240kg and now at 320kg.

A: I have for sure become stronger and can also breath with a full chest

– do you take any supplements?

/ A: during winter I take vegetarian amino acids and vitamins

D: Your appetite awakens when outside

A: Your digestion speed increases that is why you get hungry outside in the nature as oppose to a city.

A: all metabolic processes are slower in the city as oppose to nature.

A: cam to nature, had a walk and enjoyed ourselves
A: also increased testosterone levels
A: and you want to sing, eat and dance

D: just going to finish eating and time for a dance

A: Thank you, this was very tasty.

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Alexey: there are guys who inject etc, but still don’t do as much weight │ Alexey: look at male gorillas, they are huge, strong and are vegans. │ Collage made by XSportNews from the video Alexey Voevoda, Dmitry Lapikov: Are vegetarianism and strength sports compatible

Alexey: there are guys who inject etc, but still don’t do as much weight │ Alexey: look at male gorillas, they are huge, strong and are vegans. │ Collage made by XSportNews from the video Alexey Voevoda, Dmitry Lapikov: Are vegetarianism and strength sports compatible