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VIDEO: Engin Terzi vs. Bill Frank │Pulling after 1998 WAF World Armwrestling Championships

Engin Terzi: this was after 1998 WAF..i was 60kg..the other guy is Bill Frank who was silver medalist in 80kg.. did the same thing to Kote Razmadze, who was silver medalist in 80kg after Europeans 1998..Neil Neil Pickup was there as well..not sure if he remembers or not..GOD is my witness that i didnt even know anything of supplement or of the diet that an athlete should have (protein ,carbs etc)..just trained and pulled..

some may think that this could happen only after the event but it wasnt the case..for one example i beat Jason Remer about 15 times in US events even when i was pulling multiple classes..he has beat many guys including John, Michael Selerais 2000 WAF he took silver in 85kg.. this event happenned a few months before 2000 WAF..Men’s Right Hand 70kg : 1st – Roger Nowatzke, 2nd – Mark Ziertman, 3rd – Jim Larson 
Men’s Right Hand 80kg : 1st – Engin Terzi, 2nd – Kevin Harris, 3rd – John Gunsch 
Men’s Right Hand 90kg : 1st – Engin Terzi, 2nd – Jason Remer, 3rd – Omer Bennurkan 
Men’s Right Hand 90+kg : 1st – Rett Houdek, 2nd – Omer Bennurkan, 3rd – Mike Doppenberg
Men’s Left Hand 75kg : 1st – Engin Terzi, 2nd – Jim Larson, 3rd – Mark Ziertman 
Men’s Left Hand 90kg : 1st – Engin Terzi, 2nd – Jason Remer, 3rd – Chad Hauger 
Men’s Left Hand 90+kg : 1st – Rett Houdek, 2nd – Matt Mackey, 3rd – Tom Bartley

all i just try to say is that you can win Worlds by being natural..i have done it.. you can after these new laboratories your chances is even higher than yesterday..i dont understand why people are disturbed by me saying this..

if they believe that they cant then they are limiting themselves..let me repeat test can detect stuff up to 3-4 months.. which means people can not touch them..even if they touch then they will not be able to keep gains for 3-4 your chance today is higher..this should be a great motivation for anyone who is naturally training and pulling..

i feel sorry for everyone who never used stuff but kept competing by hoping to the last doping test results is not only about 12 athletes..its about everyone who use stuff but was lucky enough to not to be tested on that day..the day that doping results were declared was the day that natural athletes should have different kind of hopes in our sport..i am not pointing anyone as being natural or none natural, including myself..i am just making general you have more chances to place higher than yesterday as long as the samples keep being sent to same laboratory from now on..

Neil Pickup YES YOU CAN WIN NATURALLY. I have also done it & I KNOW that it can be done.

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