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INTERVIEW: John Brzenk on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio, 22 June 2015

I wrote about some key topics, but you should really listen to the great radio show posted below. You can also download it using the link I posted below the blogtalkradio audio player.
In the beginning of the show , Alper Cosar and talk about about , .
16:23 Talk about armwrestling training / training methods compared to “ToddZilla” , nutrition / diet before an armwrestling competition.
30:07 Talk about steroids use and abuse, doping, drug testing. John said he didn’t know anything about steroids until his early 40’s. After that, he has been prescribed some drug by his doctor. He never felt the need to look into doping, and always gave a laugh when people said: you can’t be competitive as armwrestler unless you are juiced up and taking steroids. He had a laugh because he did it (being competitive without taking steroids) for 25 years, he knows it can be done, it is not a necessity to be a good armwrestler.
32:50 Alper Cosar asked John if he sees a correlation between the domination of the Eastern European armwrestlers (of the lower weight classes) and steroid abuse. John replied he believes there are more people interested in armwrestling in Europe right now than are interested in the sport in USA. Most of the good armwrestlers in USA are still the old timers. It is a new sport in Russia, where it was introduced just 20 years ago. John refuses to believe that they have a magic pill.
34:15 Craig Soubliere asked John if he will compete in Nemiroff 2015 / Zloty Tur 2015 this year. John replied that he has no plans to participate in anything associated with PAL. That is because PAL was appalling when John decided to sign with UAL, although John tried very hard to work with both sides UAL / PAL, and make them understand he can do both.
35:21 Craig asked if he will go to . John confirmed that he will go to A1 this year because he had a great time last year. As long as John doesn’t hurt himself at WAL, he is looking forward to at least have a better match with one of the top guys at A1. He feels really good right handed, his shoulder is getting a little better than last year. John said he is looking forward to see a match between and , because they both have very good hand control and they are very strong.
51:35 Alper asked John if he wants a rematch with and . John said he expects to be across the table with Devon in about 2 weeks (at WAL on JULY 4TH 2015 – LAS VEGAS, NEVADA) and he is excited about that. Alexey might be passed his abilities, but he might surprise him because he is a much better armwrestler than he was in 2004 during the making of Pulling John.
John also talks about how he started armwrestling, his brother Bill Brzenk, other hobbies and many other topics, enjoy the show:

Source: Arm Wrestling Nation Radio on BlogTalkRadio

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John Brzenk on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio (AWNR)
John Brzenk on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio (AWNR) │ Capture by XSportNews from AWNR