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Is Dzambolat Tsoriev still banned for doping or not ?

Dzambolat Tsoriev
Dzambolat Tsoriev

In 2014 Dzambolat Tsoriev was banned for 10 years.

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Dzambolat Tsoriev competed in Zloty Tur 2019 and took 5h place in the SENIOR MEN LEFT 105 KG and 4th place in SENIOR MEN RIGHT 105 kg. See ► RESULTS: ZLOTY TUR 2019, TOP 8 VENDETTA 2019 VIDEOS

Last year, Dzambolat Tsoriev also competed in Lotoshino 2019 and I made an article back then, the Russian Armwrestling Federation explained why he was allowed to compete, see ► Dzambolat Tsoriev can take part in some competitions, art. 10.12.1 of World Anti-Doping Code WADA

The problem is this article 10.12.1 of the WADA Code 2015, which is open to interpretation…

According the article 10.12.1 of the WADA Code 2015, in the 2nd paragraph it’s written:

” An Athlete or other Person subject to a period
of Ineligibility longer than four years may, after
completing four years of the period of Ineligibility,
participate as an Athlete in local sport events not
sanctioned or otherwise under the jurisdiction of
a Code Signatory or member of a Code Signatory,
but only so long as the local sport event is not at
a level that could otherwise qualify such Athlete
or other Person directly or indirectly to compete
in (or accumulate points toward) a national
championship or International Event, and does
not involve the Athlete or other Person working
in any capacity with Minors.
An Athlete or other Person subject to a period of
Ineligibility shall remain subject to Testing. ”

I think this is one of the reasons why World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was also criticized over the years… Anyway, if you want to watch a funny video about doping scandals over the years, here you go:  

Doping: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Source: LastWeekTonight